Volvo Group supports European Commission’s investment in more innovative Europe

The Volvo Group welcomes the new set of calls under the 7th EU Research and Technological Framework Program 2007-2013 and the budgetary envelope of EUR 8.1 billion dedicated to it.

“This comes very timely for leveraging investment in research and development in transport that is needed to meet the numerous challenges our society is facing, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, information and communication technology, electromobility and growth within EU,” says Jan-Eric Sundgren, EVP Public & Environmental Affairs at AB Volvo.

The Volvo Group has participated in the EU Framework programs since the first was created in 1984.

“The programs are of utmost importance for Europe to allocate enough resources to foster its research and innovation and we have high expectations concerning ‘Horizon 2020’, the next generation of the EU research and development framework program for 2014-2020. We strongly call for the budget of EUR 80 billion proposed by the European Commission to be at least maintained if not improved,” says Jan-Eric Sundgren.

The EU's framework programs are of great importance for the automotive industry as they allow for broad cooperation with access to professional researchers and developers across Europe. As a leader in commercial transport solutions, the Volvo Group believes the programs have major potential in addressing societal challenges, creating new jobs and stimulating economic growth in Europe.

For a long time, the Volvo Group has been involved in a comprehensive series of cooperative ventures with other companies, research bodies and academic organizations to advance the technologies needed for future product development.

“This is why we welcome this final call for proposals in the 7th Framework Program and why we believe ‘Horizon 2020’ is of such importance for Europe,” says Jan-Eric Sundgren. “We also want to stress that the section on ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’ in the Horizon 2020 proposal is exemplary in raising the need for a better EU transport system and the need to maintain the competitiveness and global leadership of the European transport industry in which the automotive industry plays a vital role.”

July 10, 2012

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