Volvo Penta Tier 4i Engines Approved for Mining

In 2011, Volvo Penta was one of the first diesel engine manufacturers to receive stage 3B and Tier 4i certificates for its entire industrial engine line-up. Now, after years of proven success in the demanding underground mining segment, the 13L interim Tier 4 diesel engine has also received MSHA and CANMET certifications.

June 13, 2012 (Chesapeake, VA) - Volvo Penta is proud to receive the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and CANMET-MMSL certifications for its 13L interim Tier 4 diesel engines. The 350-550 hp, TAD1360/61/62/63/64/65VE-series of diesel engines offers ventilation rates around 30 CFM/hp, considerably lower than traditional diesel engines used in mines today and among the lowest in the industry for the given power category.


Environmental care is one of Volvo Penta’s core values and we remain well ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting new, tougher emission regulations.  The Volvo Penta 13L is the first of many engines in our product line-up that will soon receive these and other emissions certifications.


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