Volvo D-Series excavators are designed for efficiency

Never before has Volvo created such a productive and efficient range of excavators that bridge the weight classes of 14 and 28 tons. Featuring the latest fuel-efficient Volvo engines and enhanced hydraulics, take command with the new EC140D, EC160D and EC220D excavators.

Offering greater digging forces and faster cycle times, the machines that make up the Volvo middleweight excavator range offer high-quality performance and boast fuel efficiency improvements of up to 14 percent.

Spanning the weight classes between 14 to 28 tons, the EC140D, EC160D and EC220D also offer excellent lifting capacity and stability, allowing heavier objects to be lifted. Fitted with the latest Volvo D4 engine (EC140D, EC160D) and Volvo D6 (EC220D) Tier 4 interim emissions-compliant engines, these units are also substantially more fuel efficient — up to 14 percent. Couple these efficient engines with well-matched components and a smart hydraulic system and the operator can enjoy smooth and highly responsive combined operation and travel, thanks to prioritizing oil flow according to requirements.

Featuring greased and sealed track chains as standard, each track is powered by an automatic two-speed shift travel motor, maximizing tractive force. The track brakes are multi-disc, and travel motor, brake and planetary gears are all well protected within the track frame.

The superstructure is just as robust and features a host of anti-slip plates, steps and handrails — allowing safe access to the machine. A new rear access located behind the cab of the EC140D and EC160D models brings the main hydraulic components and engine within easy reach.

Running on all Volvo cylinders

All machines are fitted with the latest Volvo D4 and D6 diesel engines, delivering exceptional performance and fuel efficiency — attributes maximized when combined with new Volvo hydraulics and well-matched components. The engines use precise, high pressure fuel injectors, turbo charging, intercooling and advanced electronics to optimize engine performance. Maximum net power is 113 hp (84 kW) for the EC140D and goes up to 172 hp (128 kW) for the EC220D. When compared to the previous C-Series excavators, this represents an average increase in gross engine power of up to 7 percent across the model range.

Operators can select the best work mode for the task at hand, ensuring optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Modes include I-idle, F-fine, G-general or H-heavy with the machine automatically setting the appropriate engine speed for the work mode. Eco mode is a new feature that works in H or G mode and provides better fuel efficiency without loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Pump flow is controlled for combined digging and swinging operations to reduce the flow loss through the overload relief valves, while maintaining digging power and maximum swing torque.

Power is nothing without control

The new “smart” hydraulics system is designed for high productivity, high digging capacity, easy maneuverability and class-leading fuel economy. It features improvements that increase total flow and improve cycle times up to 2.5 percent. An attachment management system can store up to 18 pre-sets and enables hydraulic flow to adjust to meet the requirements of the attachment in use.

Room with a (great) view

The operator’s cab has easy access via a wide opening door and offers operators excellent visibility, thanks to large glass windows and thin pillars. A rear view camera also improves visibility and safety by allowing the operator to effortlessly check blind spots around the worksite. 

The cab is also quieter being roll over protective structure (ROPS) protected and mounted on viscous silicon rubber mounts that iron out vibrations. Ideally placed high quality controls and monitors, ample storage and leg room make the equipment cab a more comfortable and spacious place for operators to spend their workday. A large color monitor provides good clarity in all light conditions.

An advanced automatic climate control and defrosting system features 14 vents to allow operators to work comfortably. The machine joystick control and operator seat move independently — with the seat having nine adjustment options.

Support you can rely on

Each of these mid-sized Volvo excavators feature easy maintenance points. Accessed via wide-opening compartment doors, grouped ground-level filters and greasing points are simple to check.

Maintenance checks can now be done more quickly, further improving uptime. A service mode is incorporated into the I-ECU color monitor to allow diagnostic checks to be conducted. Four separate service intervals — engine oil / filter, fuel filter / water separator, hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter are all displayed on the monitor. The quick anti-spill drain allows lubricant to be easily drained in an environmentally friendly way without using tools.

The EC140D, EC160D and EC220D come fitted with Volvo CareTrack as standard. The Volvo telematics system can be accessed remotely to provide important information about the machine operation, such as fuel consumption and service reminders to allow for improved planning and operation. A comprehensive range of service plans are also available from the dedicated Volvo dealer network — ranging from routine wear inspections to full service agreements and operator eco training.

Model specifications







Volvo D4H

Volvo D4H

Volvo D6H

Max. power, net

113 hp (84 kW) at 2,000 rpm

139 hp (104 kW) at 2,000 rpm

172 hp (128 kW) at 1,800 rpm

Max. digging reach

27.4 ft (8,330 mm)


29.5 ft (8,970 mm)


32.7 ft (9,930 mm)


Max. digging depth

18.2 ft (5,530 mm)

19.10 ft (6,040 mm)

22.1 ft (6,730 mm)

Max. breakout force – bucket (Boost) ISO6015

22,050 lb

(98.1 kN)

27,270 lb

(121.3 kN)

34,400 lb

(153 kN)

Max. tear out force – arm (Boost) ISO6015

15,220 lb

(67.7 kN)

19,560 lb

(87 kN)

24,950 lb

(111 kN)

Operating weight

28,000 – 33,070 lb (12.7 – 15.2 t)

36,380 – 43,650 lb (16.5 – 19.8 t)

46,300 – 54,230 lb (21 – 24.6 t)




May 29, 2012

The information above represents products available in North America.

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