Volvo Environment Prize winner puts a price tag on Nature

Gretchen Daily, professor at Stanford University in California, is convinced that the only way to generate welfare in the long term is to put a price tag on the ecosystem. “If we don’t the destruction of our natural capital will simply continue,” says Gretchen Daily who today receives Volvo Environment Prize for 2012.

The Volvo Environment Prize is awarded every year to people who have made outstanding scientific discoveries in the environmental and sustainability fields. The award, which is being given today at a ceremony in Stockholm, goes this year to Gretchen Daily who is regarded as one of the pioneers in the drive to chart and quantify the world’s natural capital.
Gretchen Daily is a professor of environmental science at Stanford University in California, where her research group is currently developing methods for valuing nature’s various ecosystem services. She has published more than 200 scientific articles and texts in the popular science genre.

Gretchen Daily is currently in Sweden to receive the 2012 Volvo Environment Prize. The award consists of a diploma, a glass sculpture and a sum of 1.5 million kronor.

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November 20, 2012

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