Volvo Trucks´ European Accident Research and safety report 2013

Every year about 1.1 million people are killed in road traffic accidents worldwide. As global traffic volumes increase, there is an evident risk the number of serious traffic accidents will continue to rise. However this trend can be reversed by increasing driving, road and vehicle safety by having a deeper understanding of how and why traffic accidents happens.
In the beginning of 2013, Volvo Trucks was invited to the VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute to present the European Accident Research and safety report. This report presents an overview of road traffic accident patterns involving heavy trucks in Europe, based on in-depth investigation of road traffic accidents, the result of research projects – both internal and with external partners along with statistics and research findings from European authorities and academics.

Volvo Trucks has studied and analyzed a large number of accidents involving trucks since 1969. This information has been, and still is one of the most important bases for the design and development of Volvo trucks. Investigations are conducted at accident sites to understand the sequence of events that resulted in the crash and the vehicles are investigated in depth. These investigations have resulted in numerous of safety related improvements and are major contributor the Volvo Group´s vision zero: zero accidents involving Volvo Group products. 

Carl Johan Almqvist
Carl Johan Almqvist

“The Collision warning with Emergency Brake is a result of thorough research. The advanced emergency braking system which also includes forward (early) collision warning has been develop to prevent rear-end collisions, which account for a significant proportion of accidents”, according to Carl Johan Almqvist, traffic and product safety director, Volvo Trucks.

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