WirelessCar has been honoured with 2 awards at Telematics Update Detroit

Gothenburg, June 10th, 2013 - A jury of six telematics experts from across the industry selected WirelessCar as the Best Telematics Product or Service Launch in an Emerging Market (BRIC Region) and recognized Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar, who received the Telematics Leadership Award on Tuesday, June 4th.

These awards were presented in Detroit at the most important telematics conference and exhibition of the year hosted by Telematics Update.

Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar received these distinctions.

For the Best Telematics Product or Service Launch in an Emerging Market (BRIC Region) Award, the judges have been looking for a combination of the following attributes:

  • A telematics product or service that has been created with its local market in mind
  • Ability to deliver compelling new content to consumers
  • Performance
  • Market appeal and promotional work

“WirelessCar provides services in Brazil, Russia and China with organizations in Brazil, China and India, even if we are not yet providing services on that market. But, we are preparing for that market, too. Obviously each respective market presents its own unique opportunities as well as challenges. That is why we invest in local organizations to meet and succeed on these markets.

Through these very unique and diverse markets WirelessCar works with no less than four telecom operators and four call centers to meet local market needs.” Says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar.

In Brazil, WirelessCar was officially certified on June 2nd, 2010 to meet the upcoming needs of the CONTRAN & DENATRAN Resolution 245 Anti-theft Legal Demand and provides innovative services delivered with Mobile Apps.

September 1st, 2008 WirelessCar began providing telematics services on the Russian market.
Market demand is lagging on the Indian market; however, it is slowly beginning to form. With that in mind and complexities in its own right, WirelessCar has begun establishing an organization for support on this immense market.

In China, WirelessCar understood quickly that being such a complex and regulated market, it would require a great deal of investment in time and resources. That is why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how about this market with a first pilot project initiated in 2008, when, in conjunction with local partners, WirelessCar demonstrated a breakdown-call from a test vehicle in Beijing.

In 2011, WirelessCar founded its own subsidiaries in Beijing and Tianjin in order to build partnerships, joint ventures and government relationships that are mandatory to operate a successful business in China. Today, WirelessCar employs 21 experts in China in the fields of development, testing and service operation.

WirelessCar is already working or ready for launch with more than 10 customers on these 4 different markets.

For the Telematics Leadership Award (individual), the judges have recognized an individual that has shown leadership in the telematics industry, someone who has gained recognition as someone who is driving the industry forward and who is helping to promote new initiatives and awareness of telematics both to industry peers and the customer.

Martin Rosell has been instrumental in driving WirelessCar’s strategies for growth and thought leadership to accelerate brand recognition and un-matched market shares by:

  • extending the Volvo Cars business with complex markets like Brazil and the first Smartphone App suite on the market.
  • growing the BMW relationship from a few small markets to become a global partner.
  • adding new brands such as Audi and new customers in the value chain such as Sprint who launched their Velocity program using WirelessCar as a key technology provider to launch their first customer’s  Chrysler, Fiat.
  • defining the China partner network by believing and investing in a pilot in 2008 which has proven to be the future eco-system in China.

“I want to share this reward with our team, today delivering 2 million messages a day in more than 50 countries and providing our extensive 14 years’ experience in connecting vehicles to the global vehicle OEM industry, and with our customers who have recognized the business value WirelessCar can offer them by being connected around the globe” said Martin Rosell.

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About WirelessCar
WirelessCar, a premier global telematics service provider, connects both the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors enabling cross-fertilization through operational services in more than 50 countries supported by teams based in US, Europe, Brazil, China, Japan and India. WirelessCar’s white label positioning and open telematics platform allows our customers such as BMW, Volvo Cars, Allianz, Toyota MH, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks or Volvo Construction Equipment to leverage the full value of connected services across the entire spectrum of always being connected.

WirelessCar is part of Volvo IT, which is a global company and a subsidiary of the Volvo Group. WirelessCar operates as an independent entity addressing all vehicle manufacturers.
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