Volvo Penta extends its leisure product warranty

Buyers of Volvo Penta engines and transmissions for leisure applications can look forward to double improvements for the Volvo Penta warranty commitment this summer. The basic limited warranty is extended to up to two years for the whole product and an additional up to three years for certain major components. Accessories purchased simultaneously with engines will also benefit from an extended warranty period.
From early June, 2013, the Volvo Penta warranty for leisure engines and transmissions will be extended to comprise up to 2+3 years. During the first two years of usage, the new Volvo Penta International Limited Warranty offers repair or replacement of defective parts on the whole product. As is customary in the business, the warranty has an operation-hour limit depending on the engine and transmission used. The time limit, however, is generous bearing in mind that the limited warranty is for leisure use only.

“By extending our International Limited Warranty we clearly display the confidence we have in the quality of our products”, says Andréas Floberg, Manager Product Quality at Volvo Penta.

Major components receive additional protection
The additional up to 3-year warranty for major components takes effect as the initial warranty period has expired. This provides the boat owners with additional protection.

“Boat owners with larger more technically complex drive system installed in their boats, like the very popular Volvo Penta IPS, will probably appreciate the extended protection for major components most”, adds Andréas Floberg.

Accessories too
An extra feature is that accessories that are regarded as part of the engine package will receive up to two years warranty protection.

“Volvo Penta takes responsibility for its products under the International Limited warranty. In order for boat owners to enjoy their boating experience the most, it is also important that they perform regular service and maintenance in accordance with the instructions in the operator’s manual”, summarises Andréas Floberg.

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