One single oil analysis can increase service intervals by 100%!

Today, operators of industrial machines and equipment strive to increase engine uptime. Every stop, even planned ones, means extra costs and a loss of income. However, with a quick oil analysis, performed regularly, operators can now extend the periods between the service occasions. This service from Volvo Penta takes the operators one step closer to the dream of their life – the one of the perpetual motion machine.

Maximizing uptime is perhaps the most important factor for machine operators all over the world. Time is money and all downtime – planned as well as unplanned – adds cost to the daily operations. The probably best way to secure little or no downtime is to take good care of the equipment. Regular and preventive service, using high-quality fluids and genuine spare parts will make machines work year after year without problems.

The oil will tell it all

And while other engine manufacturers struggle to maintain the current base-service periods, Volvo Penta now doubles the time between regular services. In the Oil Analysis, performed every 1,000 hours, the condition of the oil will tell when service is due. This will enable operators to increase the intervals between services from every 500 hours to every 1,000 hours – a massive improvement which will pay off already in the short term.

The machine service cost will go down, also when the oil analysis cost is included. The engine’s oil consumption will be reduced with up to 50%. And the time when the machine is idle due to service – normally a huge cost – is also heavily reduced. When you add all this together, it all points in one direction: extended service intervals will lead straight to lower costs of operation.

No costly arrangements

The Volvo Penta Oil Analysis will naturally reveal the quality of the oil, but – by analysing the content in the oil – it will also predict any needed maintenance before a possible costly breakdown occurs.

All Volvo Penta Industrial diesel engines can now extend the highest service intervals from 500 hours up to 1,000 hours under certain conditions (see below). This is done without costly filter arrangements and without negative impact to the environment, such as extra oil volume.

For the operator, the simple rules to follow are – in addition to performing the regular oil analyses – to use genuine Volvo Penta filters, fuel with maximum 500 ppm sulphur and VDS3 oil.

All costs count

Developing new and better way of improving engine uptime and optimising the total cost of ownership are prioritised, long-term objectives for Volvo Penta. The Oil Analysis is yet another step in this direction. The knowledgeable operator of industrial off-road installations knows that the only adequate measurement of an engine’s quality is the total cost of ownership.

That means taking a comprehensive view on all costs for every engine alternative – purchase cost, service costs, downtime costs, fuel cost, etc. And the one that comes out as no. 1 at the bottom line is the “winner”. It’s as simple as that.

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