Volvo Penta expands industrial dealer and service network with Australia’s CJD Equipment

As part of a global effort to expand its dealer and service network, Volvo Penta has signed a deal that will make CJD Equipment in Australia its national importer and distributor for industrial engines.
In order to grow its industrial engine segment and expand its dealer and service network across Australia, Volvo Penta has appointed CJD Equipment its official distributor.

With most Volvo Penta dealers historically situated on the coastlines where marine engines are sold and serviced, now industrial engine customers across the country will have access to dedicated dealer and aftermarket service. As of November 1, Volvo Penta will have representation at each of CJD’s 17 company branches nationwide, including those in major urban centers like Sydney and Perth (where CJD is headquartered), as well as inland in Kalgoorlie and Albury. CJD also has a dealer network which it will review and grow as needed to improve coverage for Volvo Penta engines.

The partnership will allow Volvo Penta to separate its sales and service facilities for marine and industrial engines — and ultimately provide a greater focus on the industrial segment in Australia. CJD has set up CJD Engines, a sub-company with staff and resources that will be solely dedicated to selling and servicing Volvo Penta industrial engines. And many of CJD’s branches are strategically situated to cater to individual industrial businesses — particularly those working in Australia’s remote mining areas.

A fitting partnership
CJD, which was founded in 1974, has been a Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) dealer since 1992 and the official distribution partner for Volvo CE in Australia since 2001. The company also represents Kenworth, Fuso and DAF Trucks in Western Australia and Tasmania.

“When we were choosing an importer, we realized that Volvo CE’s products coincide well with Volvo Penta’s industrial engine line,” says Garry Fordham, Volvo Penta key account business manager in Australia. “CJD’s experience with Volvo CE will allow it to come up to speed quickly with our products. Its long history in the construction equipment industry in Australia means it will be a strong partner for us and will be in a great position to offer industrial customers all the services of an engine supplier, as well as a service network that can support remote locations around the clock.”

Expanding the network
One of Volvo Penta’s goals is to expand its dealer and aftermarket network worldwide to reach more customers and to service engines wherever they are being used by end customers. Partnering with CJD accomplishes that goal while also enabling the company to move toward a lifecycle approach to sales by providing customers with a total offer and not just an engine.

“Utilizing the CJD network will be key to our success in the aftermarket in Australia,” says Romulus Grosu, director of aftermarket sales and customer support in Volvo Penta’s emerging markets and Asia Pacific. “We expect this cooperation to grow our position as a key player in the industrial engine industry when it comes to sales and service.”