The Volvo Group’s sustainability report is world class

The Volvo Group is the fourth best company in the world when it comes to reporting how the Group works with environmental issues according to a ranking by Global Engagement Services (GES).
The ranking consists of 1,600 international companies. Top three is Xerox, Motorola and Sony followed by the Volvo Group.
“We have worked hard to demonstrate how sustainability is linked to our business and it’s encouraging to see that it has paid off. Our vision is to become the world´s leading company within sustainable transport solutions. That means we should also be world leading when it comes to reporting how we are working to get there”, says Olof Persson, CEO and President at Volvo Group.
“The interest in sustainability issues increase year by year, says Malin Ripa, responsible for the Volvo Group’s sustainability reporting. We have worked with these questions for over 40 years and we have thorough material and long experience in this area which is a prerequisite for credible reporting”.
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