Engine range, service and dedication emphasized at Middle East Electricity

Giorgio Paris, Volvo Penta’s president of Emerging Markets, used his Middle East Electricity 2014 press conference speech to promote the company’s range of genset engines, which is suited to extreme environments like the Middle East — as well as to underscore Volvo Penta’s dedication to the region.

Volvo Penta, the Volvo Group’s industrial and marine engine manufacturer, held an international press conference at Middle East Electricity 2014 in Dubai in February to promote its range of purpose-built power generation engines — and to introduce two new 16-liter engines (the TWD1652GE and TWD1653GE) that complete its range of Stage IIIA-compliant power units.


“We’ve tested our genset engines in harsh conditions around the world — from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia — to ensure the best possible uptime and performance,” said Giorgio Paris, Volvo Penta’s president of Region Emerging Markets. “Our powergen engines now come in a complete range of sizes and power levels that make them ideal for a wide variety of applications and working environments.”

The strength of the Volvo name
Paris spoke about the company’s long heritage as an engine manufacturer, as well as its ability to benefit from the strength of the Volvo Group. He also talked about the Volvo core values of quality, safety and environmental care, which are built into every product Volvo Penta makes. “We undertake extensive field testing and manufacturing in one of the world’s most advanced factories to ensure our engines are safe to use and of top quality,” Paris said. “Our global service and support network — which now includes a new Iraqi importer, Ittihadia — continues to keep customers’ engines in peak running condition throughout their lifecycle. That way, end users can count on a Volvo Penta-powered genset to work hard, exactly when it’s needed.”

He also stressed Volvo Penta’s low total cost of ownership, which is driven by the company’s emphasis on environmental care. “With a long service interval — up to 1,000 hours on the 13- and 16-liter models — and low fuel consumption, Volvo Penta-powered gensets help customers reduce costs and maximize return on investment.”

Paris discussed the company’s role as an independent supplier of engines to genset manufacturers around the world. Because Volvo Penta is not a genset producer, it does not compete with its customers — unlike other engine suppliers.

A strong partner
Volvo Penta’s presence at Middle East Electricity signaled the company’s desire to raise the profile of its industrial and powergen engines in the region. Paris concluded: “We’re here to show that we’re dedicated to the power generation market in the Middle East. We have a long history operating in this region, and we’ve teamed up with key players in the area to create a top-class dealer network here. Our offerings demonstrate that we have the right technology and services to meet our customers’ needs — even in an area with difficult working conditions, like the Middle East.”

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