New Volvo DD25B double drum compactor delivers industry-leading productivity and performance

The new DD25B double drum compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment, powered by a Tier 4 Final engine, achieves outstanding results with maximum machine uptime.


The Volvo DD25B double drum compactor is powered by a durable and fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine that meets strict Tier 4 Final emissions regulations without the cost and complexity of an after-treatment system. By conforming to the strict air emission standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of California, the new DD25B designed with the Volvo D1.7A Tier 4 Final 25 hp engine reduces particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The Tier 4 Final engine delivers the ultimate combination of high productivity and low fuel consumption with a seven percent decrease in fuel from the previous engine without any added cost of servicing the SCR or DPF. The new Tier 4 engine with a matching hydraulic system continues to deliver high performance from Volvo, and this seven percent improvement in fuel consumption is industry-leading.

The DD25B offers high frequency compaction, a choice of 3300 or 4000 vpm depending on application, with increased productivity, by allowing the operator to travel at higher speeds while still maintaining optimum impact spacing. Safety and precision are enhanced by the angled drum mounts, sloping hood design and optimally positioned sliding seat, which provide the operator with a 360-degree view of the drum edges and surroundings when the compactor is rolling forwards and in reverse. The machined drums with chamfered edges are perfectly cylindrical, producing a smooth, mark-free mat, while the advanced eccentric system ensures powerful performance, equivalent to machines fitted with a significantly larger engine.

Smooth operator
The advanced design of the DD25B’s pressurized water system facilitates smooth, even compaction with maximum machine uptime. The reliable, rust-proof system delivers a consistent flow of water to the front and rear drum surfaces of the compactor to eliminate asphalt pick-up, thereby ensuring a high quality finish and protecting the machine from damage. The fine filters behind each of the eight spray nozzles prevent clogging and ensure correct fan spray coverage. The industry-leading water tank capacity minimizes downtime when refilling while a gauge, easily visible from the seat, allows the operator to accurately monitor the water tank level and effectively plan service breaks. The operator also has the option to adjust the interval between sprays to conserve water when required and reduce filling downtime. When servicing the compactor, the water nozzles can be quickly and easily removed, without the need for tools, to get the machine back on the job as quickly as possible.

Low maintenance
The Volvo DD25B is one of the most robust compactors on the market, with minimal maintenance requirements. The front and rear drum wipers are made of durable urethane, to increase effectiveness and service life, while the eccentric bearings, built to tolerate high temperatures and rotation speeds, are lubricated for life. Auto-start vibration engages automatically when the FSR lever is moved out of neutral and disengages when the lever is in the Stop position to eliminate accidental damage to the mat.

Daily inspections are easy to carry out thanks to the lightweight hood which tilts forward with the aid of two gas struts. This provides wide access to the engine and hydraulic components of the compactor at ground level. As with all Volvo equipment, dealer support is provided as standard, offering a ready supply of expert advice and genuine Volvo parts that are perfectly matched to the machine.