Truck deliveries in April 2014

Deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in April 2014 amounted to 16,354 vehicles. This was a decrease of 1% compared with the year-earlier month.

In April 9,365 Volvo trucks were delivered, a decrease of 2% compared with the same month last year.

In Europe 3,504 vehicles were delivered during April, up by 3% compared with April 2013.

Demand in North America continued to be good and deliveries increased by 17% to 2,760 vehicles in comparison with the same period last year. Production will moderately increase at the end of the second quarter to meet increased demand.

April deliveries in South America decreased by 30% to 1,595 trucks compared with April 2013. The decrease is a consequence of lower demand as well as inventory reduction in the dealer channel. Production rates in Brazil have been reduced during the second quarter.

Deliveries for Mack in April totaled 2,177 vehicles, a 4 percent increase compared with April 2013. Production will be moderately increased at the end of the second quarter to meet increased demand.

Renault Trucks
In April 3,338 trucks were delivered by Renault Trucks which was a decrease by 6% compared to a year ago.

UD Trucks
In April 2014, UD Trucks delivered 1,474 trucks, which was an increase by 10% compared to April last year.

Deliveries of Eicher trucks in April decreased by 14% to 2,348 trucks compared to the same month last year.

*As of 2013 Eicher is reported under the equity method and consequently sales and deliveries are not consolidated in to the Volvo Group.

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