Volvo Penta and Blue Star Power Systems team up for Tier 4 Final genpower solutions

Volvo Penta has teamed with Blue Star Power Systems, Inc., to provide genset users in the US with a Tier 4 Final-compliant option.
(CHESAPEAKE, Va.) – November 18, 2014 – Volvo Penta has teamed with Blue Star Power Systems, Inc., to provide genset users in the US with a Tier 4 Final-compliant option.
EPA Tier 4 Final legislation applies to both off-road machines and utility machines (including compressors, pumps and generators) operating in the US and Canada. Because utility machines in Europe and other parts of the world are not required to comply with equivalent regulations, few engine manufacturers have yet developed Tier 4 Final engines that run at a fixed rate of 1,800 rpm for power generation applications. In a bid to provide a creative solution to the problem, Volvo Penta has adapted its variable-speed off-road Tier 4 Final engines to purpose for Blue Star Power Systems’ gensets.
Volvo Penta’s entire range of 5, 8, 11, 13 and 16 liter off-road units will be used, with the smaller engines available in Blue Star Power Systems gensets immediately. A 100 kW Blue Star Power Systems unit powered by a Volvo Penta TAD571VE engine will be on display at Power-Gen International, December 9-11, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.
“We chose Volvo Penta engines for this project for several reasons,” says Blue Star Power Systems president Bruce Prange. “We’ve been using their Tier 3 engines in products for our standby market for quite some time, so we’re familiar with the high quality of the products and support Volvo Penta offers.
“Volvo Penta also offers a solution that only needs selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for meeting Tier 4 Final emissions requirements, whereas other engine suppliers employ a diesel particulate filter that requires regeneration,” he continues. “Engines running in power generation applications aren’t often able to change speeds and fuel settings to perform DPF regeneration often required when operating at lighter loads, so Volvo Penta’s solution suited our needs well.”
The partnership with Blue Star demonstrates Volvo Penta’s commitment to its core value of environmental care, as well as its dedication to finding new and inventive ways to better serve OEMs and end users.
“Volvo Penta is known for being an innovative company — and that characteristic is unmistakable in this relationship,” says Bob Apple, director of industrial powergen sales at Volvo Penta of the Americas. “We are forward thinking, and every solution we offer has been developed to meet very specific customer needs.”
New Tier 4 Final genset engines
In order to further serve US genset customers’ needs, Volvo Penta is also releasing two 16-liter Tier 4 Final diesel genset engines: the TWD1673GE (570 kWe on prime power, 625 kWe on standby) and the TWD1672GE (508 kWe on prime power, 559 kWe on standby). Delivery is anticipated to begin in January 2015.

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