Volvo Penta lifts Super Gloria to world record success

Kalmar, a division of Cargotec, recently achieved a world-record breaking lift with its Super Gloria reachstacker – with the help of a Volvo Penta TAD1172VE.
On September 12 in a small, unassuming village, nestled in the forests of Småland in Southern Sweden, history was made. Onlookers waited with baited breath as Kalmar’s Super Gloria reachstacker, equipped with a Volvo Penta 11-liter diesel engine, moved into position to attempt a 103-tonne lift at the company’s headquarters and multi-assembly unit in Lidhult, Sweden.

The DRG1000-92-ZXS, nicknamed the Super Gloria, is the largest in Kalmar’s hugely successful Gloria range and contains a Volvo Penta TAD1172VE. Already known as the “world’s largest industrial reachstacker”, Super Gloria was out to earn a second accolade for its heavy-lifting capabilities.

After receiving a customer request for a custom-built reachstacker that could lift 100 tonnes, Kalmar set to work. Because the machine was made with a maximum lift capacity of 100 tonnes, Kalmar saw an opportunity to land a world record title. And sure enough, a large crowd gathered in Lidhult to watch the Super Gloria set a record by lifting more than 100 tonnes of steel components.

“Lidhult is the home of the Kalmar reachstacker,” Stefan Johansson, Kalmar’s director of sales and marketing, commented. “Given the local involvement in developing this worldrecord-breaking machine, it is fitting that the team shared in making history.”

Withstanding the pressure
 “A Volvo Penta TAD1172VE is at the heart of the Super Gloria. It’s a compact engine, but it’s also incredibly powerful,” Johan Burgren, Volvo Penta account manager, explains. “In any machine, whether it’s a record breaker or not, the engine is the most vital part.

“A powerful engine that is small but reliable offers customers exceptional fuel consumption while still being able to perform incredible lift challenges. Kalmar’s latest achievement with the Super Gloria proves Volvo Penta’s reliability – you can trust it to be a piece of equipment that will not buckle under pressure.”

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