New Volvo EC220E offers best-in-class efficiency

The Volvo EC220E crawler excavator builds on the strong reputation of the previous D-Series model with reduced emissions and fuel consumption, as well as enhanced power and productivity.

The 22-ton Volvo EC220E is the newest excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment and is fitted with a top-range Tier 4 Final Volvo D6 engine that meets strict emissions legislation across North America without compromising on power. The fully optimized hydraulics system and ECO mode deliver the precise amount of power required to complete the task in hand, while the auto engine shutdown feature helps further reduce fuel consumption and emissions by switching off after the excavator has been inactive for a pre-set amount of time.

The increased pump input power on the Volvo EC220E enables highly responsive operation for greater productivity and cycle times — and with the boom float function, the pump power normally used for boom lowering can be saved or used for other functions, also reducing cycle times. The new valve controls the boom operation proportionally according to the arm operation while grading. This system also improves lifting controllability while traveling simultaneously. When grading, the operator is now capable of maintaining the bucket teeth parallel to the ground even in H mode during the entire cycle. Fuel efficiency has been improved from previous model by 5 percent.

“The combination of our improved fuel efficiency and overall machine durability gives our customers greater uptime and ultimately increased productivity throughout the total lifetime of their equipment,” said Rob Palermo, product manager excavators, Volvo Construction Equipment.


Custom comfort

A comfortable operator is a productive operator, which is why the new Volvo EC220E places comfort at the heart of its design. The HMI (human machine interface) — including the joysticks, keypad and easy-to-read 8-inch LCD monitor — are ergonomically designed and can be fine-tuned according to operator preference. The number of switches has also been reduced and the climate control integrated into the keypad for effortless adjustment. For added convenience, functions such as the windshield wipers, cameras and auto-mute can all be assigned a short-cut button on the joystick. This allows the operator to select a function mid-job without disruption.

For the safety of both the operator and site staff, the 22-ton model from Volvo now also includes an optional sideview camera in addition to the rearview camera to cover the visual blind spots. Both views are displayed on the color monitor. The cab is ROPS and ISO Standard-compliant, to ensure the operator is fully protected in the unlikely event of the excavator rolling over.

Built to last
The Volvo EC220E is not just a highly productive machine in the short term; rather the machine is engineered to continue working hard over a long service life. Operating in tough conditions means that every component matters — Volvo pays careful attention to every detail during the product design and manufacturing processes. Silicone caulking is used to prevent rust, while waterproof harnesses and connections come as standard. The design also incorporates heavy-duty door hinges and bolt-on protection for the framework lights.

The X-shape lower frame enables even weight distribution for increased stability and durability and helps prevent damage from rocks and debris. The heavy-duty undercarriage likewise creates excellent tractive force in demanding terrain. The robust design of the boom and arm includes internal plates positioned to support pressure points during a wide range of applications. These plates help disperse pressure to ensure maximum productivity and uptime from the excavator — time after time.

Volvo stands behind the quality of its excavators with standards born from decades of experience, both in the field and in the lab, and hundreds of hours of computer simulations, delivering unsurpassed frame and structure longevity and durability. The unwavering confidence in product integrity is now being passed to customers through a lifetime warranty on the boom, arm and frame.

Easy to inspect
In order to guarantee a long service life — and maximum uptime — regular service inspections are required to spot any potential problems before they occur. The Volvo EC220E excavator makes daily service checks quick and easy to carry out thanks to grouped filters that are easily accessible from ground level. Operators can easily access the single-layer cooling system from ground level by simply opening the side door. The radiator charged air cooler and hydraulic oil cooler are situated side-by-side to maximize efficiency, reduce blockages and aid cleaning. Should a technician or operator need to access the superstructure for inspection or maintenance, full size guard rails help maintain three-point contact at all times, while well-positioned, punched and removable anti-slip plates offer good grip.

CareTrack® is the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system which gives operators access to a wide range of machine monitoring information designed to save time and money. With CareTrack, operators can reduce fuel costs, optimize machine performance and proactively manage service and maintenance to maximize uptime. Operators can also stay connected via remote monitoring and experience new levels of control and efficiency. Volvo’s real-time service alerts via CareTrack also help promote a good service and maintenance routine. Diagnostic check alerts are displayed on the color monitor for the engine oil filter, the fuel-water separator, the hydraulic oil and the hydraulic oil filter.

Mix-and-match attachments
In addition to the machine’s durability and ease of maintenance, the sheer versatility of the EC220E ensures maximum uptime and productivity. The excavator can be adjusted to take a wide variety of hydraulic lines, which are factory fitted with breaker and shear piping (X1), as well as rotator piping (X3). These state-of-the-art auxiliary lines provide the correct flow and pressure for special attachments such as mowers and grinders, shears, crushers and tilt rotators. Additionally, a complete line of Volvo attachments is available, including buckets and hydraulic hammers, which are designed to meet a full range of applications. A password-protected attachment management system has pre-sets and permits hydraulic flow and pressure to be adjusted (set or memorized) for up to 20 different attachments. The response sensitivity can be adjusted using the keypad, allowing the operator to tailor machine response for maximum impact in different environments.