Volvo scholarship for research on why we travel the way we do

What are the factors that influence us in choosing the mode of transport to take in our everyday lives? The Håkan Frisinger Foundation for Transportation Research has awarded its 2014 scholarship to Professor Margareta Friman at Karlstad University. Margareta Friman will receive the scholarship of SEK 250,000 for combining behavioral science with transportation research, and thus has increased understanding of the factors that influence the decisions and choices of transport people make.
Volvo scholarship for research on why we travel the way we do

Part of the Foundation Board’s citation was as follows: “Margareta Friman’s research, which primarily focuses on consumer and transportation psychology, has generated extensive national and international attention. She has been widely published in scientific journals and is often invited to speak at conferences.”

Alongside her high publishing rate, Margareta Friman is engaged as an expert both within and outside academia, and has been highly praised by external evaluators for her work as a director and manager of the Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group (SAMOT) at Karlstad University.

The scholarship will be awarded by the Håkan Frisinger Foundation at a seminar held on April 1 in the Palmstedt hall of Chalmers University of Technology. Volvo Research & Educational Foundations (VREF), the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers will organize a seminar in connection with the award ceremony.

The seminar will be in Swedish. Program and Registration on page
For questions, contact Ulf Andersson,, phone: +46 (0) 736 545402.

Volvo Research and Educational Foundations:

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