Forward drive - boating just moved forward

A revolutionary new concept in marine propulsion, Volvo Penta Forward Drive gives small-craft leisure boaters new found versatility, opening up a new realm for recreational water sports.
The Amazing Forward Drive
Volvo Penta: The Amazing Forward Drive

The unique innovations behind the Forward Drive gives forward-facing dual counter-rotating props with an adjustable trim drive. This pulls the boat through the water rather than pushing it, with an undisturbed water flow to the propellers. The clean and efficient propulsion system delivers superior responsiveness, acceleration, fuel economy and versatility, allowing for an array of activities behind the boat, including wakesurfing and wakeboarding.

The Forward Drive is the result of many years of work where the design team leveraged the technology of three legendary innovations: the Volvo Penta sterndrive, the Volvo Penta DuoProp and the Volvo Penta IPS. The results are higher top speeds and faster acceleration than comparable inboard shaft single prop systems.


Forward Drive gives versatility, enhancing just about every use of the boat, from cruising, to performance, to all types of water sports. It also offers a unique and industry-first symmetrical wakeboarding wake and equally shaped wakesurfing wave on the side of choice.

Because the Forward Drive is under the boat, there’s less noise and exhaust, meaning more comfort. Duoprop helps smooth the ride, giving almost no fumes and little to no vibration.

The Duoprop produces better bite, acceleration and speed in a more efficient, smooth way. The adjustable tilt makes it easy to trim the boat for optimum fuel efficiency and comfort when cruising.

As opposed to a fixed inboard, the Forward Drive’s variable trim easily adjusts upward to enhance watersports action, cruising or docking. When at rest with the drive trimmed down, the forward-facing propellers are inboard of the boat, making activities like swimming and fishing more practical astern of the boat.

Variable trim angles provide the right thrust for leisure cruising as well as top speeds, which are higher than an inboard. Speeding to plane are much faster than conventional inboards, and turns are much tighter and faster thanks to directional thrust.