Volvo Penta Diesel Sterndrive Proves Itself on New Offshore Charter Fishing Boat

Charter Captain Makes the Switch from Outboards to Diesel in New Onslow Bay 32
Volvo Penta Diesel Sterndrive Proves Itself on New Offshore Charter Fishing Boat

(CHESAPEAKE, Va.) – July 20, 2015 – Capt. Rick Croson has been running a successful fishing charter business from North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach for more than 10 years. When the time came to order a new boat, he made the unusual decision to request a diesel sterndrive power package. He couldn’t be happier with the results – in terms of fuel economy, speed, quiet operation and no exhaust fumes, as well as a clean transom for fishing astern.
Croson started his charter business with a 20-ft. Onslow Bay mostly for inshore fishing, and later moved up to a 27-ft. Onslow Bay with twin 225 outboards for offshore work, but he was dissatisfied with the fuel economy and longevity of the outboards to meet the rigors of his busy charter schedule. He typically runs day trips out to the Gulf Stream – 60 miles each way. The outboards were burning 90-95 gallons of gasoline per trip, and they needed replacement every three or four years at a cost of $17,000 or more per motor.
"I have been asking Onslow Bay for years to build me a single diesel boat, and the 32 hull had enough room to accommodate what I wanted," said Croson. "I did a lot of research and felt I could get better economy and longevity out of the Volvo Penta 370 hp D6 and DPH-C package. This mated nicely with the hull. I have no motor box and full access to the engine, and the weight was a perfect match for the 32."
Since taking delivery of the Onslow Bay 32 in May, Croson has put more than 400 hours on the motor and gear. His total fuel consumption for a day of fishing is just 75 gallons. "I average 2.75 miles per gallon and have a fast cruising speed of 28 knots loaded and a top speed of 35 knots. That means I can get out to the Gulf Stream in about two hours," he said, noting also that he can carry about 75 gallons less fuel than the same model boat with outboards, yielding more space for storage and larger fish boxes.
"My clients love how quiet the motor is and the absence of exhaust fumes on deck," Croson added. "The clean transom is a big plus for clients as well – no losing fish at the transom or tangled lines with big outboards hanging off the stern."
"The Volvo Penta D6 diesel sterndrive is an ideal propulsion package for center console offshore fishing boats in the 30- to 45-ft. range," said Marcia Kull, vice president, marine sales, Volvo Penta of the Americas. "It provides superior performance in terms of fuel economy, emissions, quiet operation, speed and high torque at low RPMs, resulting in faster time to plane. We encourage other boat builders to give serious consideration to offering a diesel sterndrive option as an extremely attractive and cost-effective alternative to twin or triple high-horsepower outboards for offshore fishing."
Croson mentions one more unexpected benefit: "When trolling with one gear the trail is so clean, and the diesel vibrations actually make the boat very attractive to fish!"
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