Volvo launches SmartCare — a customizable customer support program with exclusive Volvo Uptime guarantee

SmartCare helps simplify fleet management and increase uptime with tools ranging from dealer-supported telematics reports, to fuel efficiency and uptime guarantees, and customized Customer Support Agreements.

Volvo Construction Equipment and its network of North American dealers are dedicated to providing excellent support for customers throughout the long life of their Volvo equipment. With the launch of Volvo SmartCare, customers can choose from three programs — SmartCare Basic, SmartCare Plus and SmartCare Complete — each of which is customizable with customer service agreements and a wide range of support options built to suit customers’ individual needs.

“Owners and fleet managers are faced with creating a healthy bottom line every day, but the amount of data and fluctuating factors that impact that bottom line can sometimes prove to be overwhelming,” said Jim Bretz, Director of Service Solutions at Volvo Construction Equipment. “With SmartCare, our dealers can help simplify fleet management by evaluating machine and operator data, and providing corresponding recommendations for maintenance and operations that can positively impact the customer’s bottom line, increase uptime, and allow the customer more time to focus on their jobs and clients.”


SmartCare comes standard
SmartCare Basic coverage comes standard with the purchase of a broad range of new Volvo machines, and includes regular Volvo Care inspections; a one-year, 2,500-hour warranty; a fuel efficiency guarantee on select earthmoving equipment; 24-hour access to parts online; and a free six-year subscription to Volvo CareTrack® telematics.

Volvo Care inspections include regularly scheduled on-site visits from a certified Volvo technician who conducts thorough inspections across a long checklist of components; ensuring preventive maintenance is top of mind. With an industry-leading fuel efficiency guarantee on select Volvo excavators, articulated haulers and wheel loaders, Volvo guarantees that if the machine’s fuel efficiency and productivity don’t meet the model-rated levels, the company will reimburse a portion of the additional fuel cost for the customer.

Volvo CareTrack telematics provides the owner and fleet manager remote access to a range of vital machine data. With free advanced-level access for the first three years, the customer has the ability to be alerted via email, text message or a Web portal to important machine data including everything from fuel consumption, idle time, machine location, fluid levels and service alerts; to articulated hauler productivity data such as load efficiency and number of cycles. Additionally, Volvo excavators have anti-theft capabilities that immobilize the machine and alert the owner under predetermined circumstances. Beyond the first three years, the customer is given an additional three years of basic-level access to CareTrack, which includes access to machine hours and location, as well as the ability to manage service plans and wear parts through a Web portal.

SmartCare Plus reduces risk
In addition to all the perks of SmartCare Basic, upgrading to SmartCare Plus provides additional support in the form of a three-year, 5,000-hour drivetrain warranty, a lifetime frame and structure warranty, a six-year subscription to advanced-level CareTrack telematics, dealer-provided report analysis using MATRIS (Machine Tracking Information System), customizable Customer Support Agreement, and Volvo oil analysis.

MATRIS (Machine Tracking Information System) is a unique Volvo technology that provides in-depth reporting of operator behavior and operation data throughout the life of the machine. With SmartCare Plus coverage, a Volvo dealer will conduct analysis of MATRIS reports, identify trends and schedule regular on-site visits with the customer to make strategic operator training and machine care recommendations that will help improve productivity, reduce wear on the equipment, and improve fuel efficiency.

With SmartCare Plus, the dealer and customer work together to develop a customized Customer Support Agreement involving on-site visits, inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. With Volvo oil analysis, a Volvo-trained technician will take samples of the machines’ oil at scheduled intervals and send it to a lab where it will be analyzed for contaminants and other particulates. This service can help predict the lifespan of specific machine components and catch problems before they occur, improving uptime.

SmartCare Complete includes Volvo Uptime
For the ultimate in machine coverage and dealer-supported fleet management services, SmartCare Complete is unparalleled. With SmartCare Complete, customers get all the benefits of SmartCare Plus, but with some significant additions, including a three-year, 5,000-hour bumper-to-bumper full machine warranty, ActiveCare dealer-supported machine monitoring services, operator training and Volvo Uptime.

ActiveCare takes dealer-supported MATRIS reporting a step further. The Volvo dealer will also use CareTrack to monitor the machines and be alerted to any vehicle alarms or error codes in order to respond to the customer’s immediate needs. The dealer can also use the data to provide customers with consolidated fleet reports, including operation information, utilization information, machine-specific data, preventive maintenance recommendations, applicable service bulletins and more.

Volvo Uptime guarantees that unplanned downtime will be quickly rectified by the dealer. With SmartCare Complete coverage, Volvo will go as far as to provide a comparable loaner machine to the customer if downtime exceeds 72 hours.

“With SmartCare Complete, the Volvo dealer essentially acts as an extension of the customers’ fleet management team — providing operator familiarization training, daily machine monitoring, on-site inspections, strategic recommendations, bumper-to-bumper extended warranty coverage, Volvo Uptime and more,” said Bretz. “That equates to having a low-risk, predictable fleet that can stay focused on being productive and profitable.”

SmartCare is now available at participating North American Volvo Construction Equipment dealers, and on most Volvo product lines. For more information about SmartCare, talk to your local dealer or visit