Repowering made easy with Volvo Penta

Boat owners now have the opportunity to experience better onboard comfort, increased reliability and improved performance and charging capacity, all thanks to Volvo Penta’s new set of innovative repowering kits.
Repowering made easy with Volvo Penta
Boats with older engines can now be given a new lease of life, owing to Volvo Penta’s recently developed set of repowering kits. By replacing the boat’s old engine with a new Volvo Penta D1, D2 or D3 diesel engine, boat owners will be able to take full advantage of myriad benefits, including enhanced fuel consumption, onboard comfort, reliability, performance and vessel value.

“The repowering kits are designed to offer boat owners a modern alternative to their existing engines, while making installation easier,” Rickard Nilsson, product manager at Volvo Penta, explains. “With minimal impact on the existing installation layout, a new Volvo Penta engine will take our customers’ boating experience to a whole new level.”

Made to match
Volvo Penta’s repowering kits for D1, D2 and D3 engines have all been developed to aid a cost-effective transition to the latest generation of diesel engines. The D1/D2 Repowering Kit is available for older engines in both shaft and S-drive installations, making it possible for customers with a Volvo Penta 120 sail drive to utilize their existing drive.

The D3 Repowering Kit makes it possible to connect a new D3 diesel engine to an existing Volvo Penta drive. In addition, a wide range of older Volvo Penta drives are covered, enabling a perfect match to the new engine – the key to outstanding engine efficiency.

The repowering kits are delivered with all components and installation instructions included.

“The Repowering Kits have been developed and tested by Volvo Penta – a crucial factor in ensuring a safe, easy, cost-effective replacement,” Rickard says. “It also plays a vital role in guaranteeing customers the best possible engine for performance, reliability and onboard comfort.”

An improved boating experience
The new D1, D2 and D3 engines all come with some additional new features and options for customers. For example, the D1 and D2 engines are equipped with freshwater cooling as standard, which provides a longer service life and the possibility of a hot water outlet. The engines are also fitted with a power 115A alternator, which provides a better charging capacity.

The D3 engine also comes with some significant modifications – the EVC offers customers unique control over both engine and propulsion, extending the range of easy-boating options available. In addition, electronic shift and throttle give an entirely new feel to the boat’s controls.

“This array of benefits will provide big advantages for boat owners – in fact, Volvo Penta predicts that customers will see the value of their boat increase,” Rickard notes. “Using the repowering kits, boat owners can enjoy their existing boats, while at the same time benefitting from Volvo Penta’s latest product and service offerings.”

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