Going the distance with Cranchi and Volvo Penta

As its name implies, the Cranchi Eco Trawler 43 Long Distance can keep boaters on the water longer with less fuel consumed. What makes this possible is the unique combination of Volvo Penta IPS and Cranchi’s hydrodynamic hull design.
Going the distance with Cranchi and Volvo Penta
A lengthy relationship between Volvo Penta and 145-year-old Italian boat builder Cranchi has culminated in the multiple award-winning Cranchi Eco Trawler 43 Long Distance, equipped with Volvo Penta IPS for ultimate fuel efficiency — and a longer time at sea. The Cranchi Eco Trawler 43 LD will be on display at the Cannes Boat Show, September 8-12.

Cranchi designed the new trawler, and the hull in particular, around Volvo Penta IPS. Combined, the sleek, hydrodynamic hull and Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System — which reduces fuel consumption by as much as 30% and provides up to 40% longer cruising range — create a highly efficient boat. “These two elements together make all the difference,” says Paola Cranchi, sales and management director at Cantiere Nautico Cranchi.

“This boat is your house on the sea, and the trawler concept — with its spacious interior and a multitude of windows — provides a relaxed and welcoming environment for boaters. Because of the environment we were trying to create, high speeds were not a priority, which permitted reduced fuel consumption. The Volvo Penta IPS concept, which is the heart of this yacht, helped us maximize fuel economy even further, along with lowering engine emissions and decreasing smoke.”

Fitted with either twin Volvo Penta IPS 450 engines or one Volvo Penta IPS 350 and one 400, the Eco Trawler 43 LD reaches top speeds of 23 knots at 3,600 rpm, or a cruising speed of 17 knots at 3,100 rpm. The benefits of Volvo Penta IPS include joystick docking for easy maneuverability when mooring. The Duoprop contra-rotating propellers provide safe handling, fast acceleration and better reliability. And Volvo Penta IPS contributes to the Eco Trawler’s focus on comfort with low noise and vibration levels.

“Once a customer tests out one of our boats equipped with Volvo Penta IPS, they don’t ever want to go back to a traditional inboard driveline. IPS is easy to maneuver, handles effortlessly, and that’s very appealing for buyers — it makes boating fun and simple for anyone,” Paola says.

Cranchi began using Volvo Penta in 1988, equipping its Mediterranée 40 with a Volvo Penta TAMD 61, followed by a TAMD 71 several years later. When Volvo Penta alerted Cranchi to a new system it was developing in the mid-2000s, Volvo Penta IPS, Cranchi jumped at the chance to send a Mediterranée 41 to the Krossholmen Test Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. The boat was fitted with Volvo Penta IPS and used to rigorously test the innovative new system, step by step.

For Cranchi, it wasn’t much of a stretch to begin using Volvo Penta IPS in its boats. “After our experience with the TAMD 61 and TAMD 71, we had full confidence in Volvo Penta,” Paola says. The Volvo Penta IPS-equipped Mediterranée 43 debuted in October 2006 at the Genoa Boat Show. Other companies saw the benefits of Volvo Penta IPS and quickly followed suit.

“Our two companies have an excellent relationship with one another, and we have enormous respect for the work that Volvo Penta does,” Paola says. “They listen and respond quickly to all of our questions, and provide excellent service for our customers. A top boat builder needs a premium engine producer, and vice versa. Volvo Penta and Cranchi are a perfect match.”

“Cranchi is one of the top shipyards in the world for high-tech and high-quality boats — that’s what makes them such a great customer for Volvo Penta,” says Nicola Pomi, Volvo Penta’s head of the Italian marine market. “We’re proud of the long partnership we’ve had together and of the new Eco Trawler 43 LD, which is a very special boat, with its high level of comfort, low emissions and excellent fuel economy.”

Cranchi is introducing four new boat models at the Cannes Boat Show, including the Eco Trawler 43 LD. With a total 17 boats at Vieux Port, PAN208 (ground) and PAN007 (water), Cranchi will feature seven models equipped with Volvo Penta IPS. Meanwhile, Volvo Penta can be found at JETEE147, where its D13 and IPS3 engines will be on display, in addition to the revolutionary Glass Cockpit dashboard and the Volvo Penta IPS touch screen.