Turning global challenges into business opportunities

Several of the global challenges the world now faces are related to population grows and climate change. The Volvo Group is continously working with advanced engineers, leading academic partners, local authorities, commercial partners and local customers to rethink the future of transport and infrastructure.
Several of the global challenges the world now faces are related to population grows and climate change.

As the world population grows and become more urbanized, the challenges around transportation, infrastructure and road safety increases. At the same time, we will have to do more with fewer natural resources and cope with the effects of climate change.

At the Volvo Group, we strongly believe that sustainable transport solutions can solve customer problems, optimize operations and take the environment into consideration – all at the same time. Environmental care has been one of our core values since 1972, expressing our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products. It is hence an integral part of our vision, business strategy and daily work.

However, cooperation and leadership are needed in order to meet future needs for transport solutions. It is also essential to raise awareness about environmental issues among stakeholders and society at large. Accordingly, the Volvo Group works together with our customers, stakeholders and even competitors to rethink the future of transportation, and we are convinced that the transport and infrastructure industries have a key role to play in advances towards a more sustainable society.

By developing smarter, safer and cleaner products and services today, we are making good progress towards our vision of sustainable transport solutions that will drive quality, safety and environmental care in the future.

You can read a brief presentation of our collaborations and achievements in the area of environmental performance below.

A part of the Climate Savers Program

The Volvo Group´s long-standing relationship with WWF and its Climate Savers Program has committed us to take urgent action to combat climate change. An important element of our new 2015-2020 commitment is to act as a magnifier for Climate Savers. This means focusing on activities that enhance environmental development within the transport and infrastructure sectors.

Member of the United Nations High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport

Initiated by the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, the Advisory Group serves as an independent voice in the global promotion of safe and sustainable mobility, transport and infrastructure systems that contribute towards UN sustainable development goals.

Improving environmental performance in production

In total, the Volvo Group has 65 production facilities in 20 countries. Regardless of size and location, all of our production units must comply with our minimum requirements for environmental performance. Today, we have four carbon-neutral facilities, and our long-term ambition is to make all our plants carbon dioxide neutral.

Environmentally enhanced products

The Volvo Group believes we will contribute more to environmental sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of our products during the use phase, which results in a priority for product development to focus on fuel efficiency and emissions. Lowering the operating costs makes business and environmental sense; it improves the profitability of our customers while reducing the environmental impact.