Small worlds demonstrate the greatness of Volvo in a new film

Every day vehicles transport goods and people between large cities and small villages via freight terminals and ports. With the help of some of Europe's most well-known miniature worlds, Volvo shows that the group's trucks, buses, construction machines and engines are essential to the everyday life of people all around the world.
Volvo Group story

"We want to make it clear that our products and services are like a circulation system. We take food to stores, people to work and medicines to hospitals. The miniature worlds are the perfect environment for demonstrating this. We begin in the Swedish countryside outside Hedemora and then move on to large ports and motorways in Germany and the Netherlands," says Kina Wileke, Head of External Corporate Communications at the Volvo Group. "It was wonderful to be able to step into these meticulously created worlds and discover the amazing craftsmanship. It was also great to meet the people behind them, who share our passion for vehicles."

You can watch the film at and on the Volvo Group's YouTube page.

You will also find some clips from behind the scenes showing how the film was made.

Journalists who want more information, please contact Kina Wileke on +46 (0)31 323 7229 or +46 (0)765 537229.


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