Built to last, designed to perform, with Keestrack

Volvo Penta helps Keestrack’s machines to keep moving with its durable engines and excellent customer service.


The Keestrack Destroyer 1313 mobile impact crusher is fitted with Volvo Penta’s TAD1650GE engine.

With an ethos of ‘built to last, designed to perform’, crusher and screening manufacturer Keestrack knew it needed robust engines to service its machines. So it turned to Volvo Penta to help achieve its aims.

The company switched from using other producers’ products to ordering Volvo Penta’s 8-, 13- and 16-liter diesel engines, for its series of Destroyer mobile impact crushers.

“We needed engines that would be the most durable for our range, and they had to be compliant with Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards,” says Kees Hoogendoorn, founder and group president of Keestrack.

“Our customers have told us they are better for fuel economy than the previous engines we used,” he adds. “They are very happy that we have changed to Volvo Penta. Many of them already use Volvo trucks and earth-moving equipment, so there has been a healthy demand from our customers for our crushers.” 

Volvo Penta’s TAD853VE, TAD1351GE and TAD1650GE engines have now been installed in Keestrack’s Destroyer 1011, 1113, 1313 range, for a year. Further engine models are on order. 

Hoogendoorn says: “They are cheaper to run and legislation obliges us to find solutions to create lower emissions. Their SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology and AdBlue™ (diesel exhaust fluid) is unique and extremely simple. With competitors, their solutions are more complicated with particulate filters.  

Belgium-based Keestrack has been in operation since 1988 and has an international roster of customers.

The largest of its Destroyer range, the 1313, has an infeed opening of 900 x 1280 mm and a rotor diameter of 1267 mm. There is an independent pre-screen and an optional two-deck after-screen. It has a tilting chassis and a capacity of up to 500 tonnes per hour. It is used across a range of industries including quarrying, mining, demolition and landfill recycling. 

Meticulous quality and service 
Hoogendoorn says he has been impressed with Volvo Penta’s overall quality of service and attention to detail.  

“I went to Sweden to meet their management and do an audit and inspection of the factory. We spoke to the engineers in their factory and tested everything rigorously.  

“Their quality is very good and we are very happy to say that we use Volvo Penta. The feedback we have is that what they promise comes true. They have 24-hour support globally, which is very important - they keep our equipment moving.”  

He adds: “We collaborate well, and when we have issues to discuss I am confident that they will always help and take our requirements and ideas very seriously.”