EcoMaster cleans up thanks to Volvo Penta power

Exhibiting at Bauma 2016 this April, Woma GmbH is sure to generate plenty of interest in its EcoMaster cleaner, which features efficient and adaptable Volvo Penta engines that can save the user up to 40 litres of fuel per hour.
The Ecomaster ultra-high pressure cleaner, which uses Volvo Penta TAD1651VE, TAD1672VE and TAD1643VE engines, was launched in January 2015 and Woma has enjoyed great success with the product to date.

The lorry-mounted EcoMaster ZWG is an easy-to-operate and economical ultra-high-pressure pump suitable for users in the fields of oil, gas and chemicals, tank and parts cleaning, among others. The operator can use a single button to cycle through the Volvo Penta six-gear automatic transmission, enabling the speed of the high-pressure pump to be optimized, dependent on the application, without shutting down the engine, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Some of the key features of the EcoMaster are explained by Woma vice president project management, Günter Toonen. “The speciality of this product is the automatic intermission between a high-pressure pump and a diesel engine.

“This controls the speed of the high-pressure pump in the performance range from 70 to 700 horsepower with the corresponding availability in fuel consumptions, so there is no waste,” says Toonen.

“Depending on the selected gear, fuel savings of up to 40 litres per hour are possible, compared to the same machine without the intermission.”

The overdrive function in sixth gear, coupled with the Volvo Penta engine, can save up to 10% of fuel per hour in low speed, allowing the EcoMaster to live up to its name. The reduced engine speed also cuts noise levels and increases the pump’s life expectancy.

Toonen says that the Volvo Penta engine is adaptable, covering the entire range of ultra-high-pressure applications in the industry. “With this combination we can cover a complete range of models – you have that flexibility,” he says.

Since the end of 2014, Woma has been using Volvo Penta engines on 100% of its diesel driven products.

Speaking about why the partnership works, Toonen explains that there are several reasons, from environmental to personal. “We have a long partnership with Volvo Penta and it has proven a very successful one. The guys we work with are very reliable and the service we receive when we have issues with the engines or customers with special requirements of equipment is second to none.

“On the other side, what’s perfect about the engine itself is that it has been designed with various emissions legislation in mind,” Toonen continues.

“Depending on where in the world the engines are intended for, there are different emissions requirements. For example, in Europe we have Stage IV/Tier 4 Final standards for our engines, whereas the emissions requirements are Stage II or Stage IIIA in Asia, South America and the Middle East, so Volvo Penta adapts its engines to suit the requirements of each region.”

Tim Hansen, account manager industrial engines at Volvo Penta Central Europe, says of the relationship with Woma GmbH: “The main facts that make the partnership with Woma work are the new Volvo Penta common base engine design, our global presence, very good worldwide aftermarket coverage and our one-stop-shop power pack solutions. It’s very important to us to work so close together with Woma in this partnership.”

Woma GmbH will exhibit at Bauma in Munich in April 2016. Volvo Penta will also have a strong presence at the trade fair, displaying a broad range of products and services at stand C4.327.