B65 ideal for city traffic

1951 saw the launch of Volvo Buses’ B65 model, a bus adapted for city traffic, which became famous for its mid-engine location, among other things.
B65 ideal for city traffic

The Danish city of Odense placed an order for a number of buses that would be able to transport many passengers, most of them standing. These buses also had to be narrower, with a short wheelbase, to enable them to drive through the narrow streets in the historical old city. They became so popular that Odense dispensed with its trams in favour of buses.  

The model was further developed and became famous throughout Scandinavia. Here we see the bus in front of the central railway station in Gothenburg, where it dominated public transport for almost 20 years. 

In Gothenburg, Volvo Buses has continued to collaborate with the city. In one project, plug-in hybrids have been launched on some routes, while the most recent project is called ElectriCity and involves buses that are wholly powered by electricity, which are going to operate between two university campuses in the city.