Automation will bring environmental benefits, efficiency and safety improvements

Anders Kellström, Senior Product Plan Manager, Business & Technology & Volvo Group Specialist on Automation was recently invited to participant on a panel discussion during a high-level hearing organized in the European Parliament.
Anders Kellström on a panel discussion in the European Parliament.
Anders Kellström on a panel discussion in the European Parliament.

The event brought together various stakeholders and legislators for an event kicked off by keynote speech given by Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. Anders provided the Volvo Group’s perspective on automation and connectively for commercial vehicles.

“Automation and connectivity represent 2 of 3 main drivers that will transform our industry going forward”.

But automation is not limited to self-driving vehicles; the Volvo Group has been on a journey towards automation and connectivity for decades. Kellström explains that “now with recent advancement of sensor technology and in connectivity, there is a great potential to enhanced automation and connectivity to drive the benefits”.

In the past, Volvo Group have been able to develop products in a “stand alone” mode but in order to reach higher levels of automation and connectivity in the future, we need a collaborative approach. Anders explained that “various stakeholders are essential going forward in order to reach technical standards to build a market and harmonized legislative framework

Two concrete examples of what the Volvo Group’s current involvement in automation and connectivity:

The EU Truck Platooning Challenge: Volvo Group demonstrated platoons of three vehicles travelling from Sweden to Rotterdam. The event was carried out to high-light the need of harmonization of legislation and to drive the discussion of standardization as well as highlighting transport innovation, transport efficiency, automation, safety and decreased environmental impact. This event was seen as a “role model” initiative with a strong collaboration.

Self-driving mining truck: Intended to significantly increase our customers’ productivity while at the same time improving fuel efficiency and safety, mainly in the mining industry.

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