Volvo Penta’s pioneering joystick control now available for inboard boats

In 2006, Volvo Penta was the first to introduce joystick technology for leisure boating, and has been a pioneer in the industry ever since. With the new Joystick Inboard, Volvo Penta can now offer the best maneuverability on the market for twin inboard shaft applications too.

Volvo Penta’s first joystick, introduced shortly after the launch of IPS, heralded a new era in easy boating. All of a sudden, difficult and complicated maneuvers such as docking became simple and straightforward. Over the past decade, Volvo Penta has continued to develop and expand its joysticks functions and capabilities for both IPS and sterndrive applications. Now, with Joystick Inboard, the benefits of Volvo Penta’s joystick technology are extended to inboard applications too.

Hand on joystick

Superior maneuverability – the best docking system for shaft installations
For over a decade Volvo Penta’s Joystick Docking – a standard feature of the new Joystick Inboard – has transformed docking and close-quarter maneuvering into a simple process. Instead of performing complicated shift, throttle and steering wheel combinations, drivers can just move the joystick in the desired direction and the boat will respond accordingly.

“For many, docking is the most stressful part of boating – but the Joystick Inboard just takes all the stress away,” says Anders Thorin, Volvo Penta’s Electronics Project Planning Manager. “In fact Joystick Inboard is the market leading joystick solution for twin inboard shaft installations with a patented function for docking maneuvering. It is so simple and intuitive that a child can do it.”

Joystick Driving and Autopilot – also standard features of Joystick Inboard – ensure the same precision and maneuverability when steering out at sea. With Joystick Inboard, it is possible to steer with one hand, at any speed, with perfect response and minimal effort. Combined with Autopilot, driving a boat has never been easier.

First fully integrated system
Joystick Inboard is the most sophisticated complete system on the market for inboard applications that includes all five steering components: thrusters, rudders, gear, slip and throttle. The Joystick Inboard system automatically calculates balance between rudder angles and thrust from the main engines and bow thruster, to match each specific boat’s characteristics. This patented functionality ensures smoothness and precision in every situation, and the result is better maneuverability than any other inboard joystick.

“Volvo Penta has long been a leader in joystick control, and the Joystick Inboard reaffirms that position,” says Anders Thorin. “Since it is one of the very few systems that features integrated rudders, no one else can offer the same level of maneuverability.”

Easy boating
Joystick Inboard has been developed in accordance with Volvo Penta’s philosophy of ‘easy boating’, which is the driving force behind all of Volvo Penta’s product innovations. The goal is to make owning and operating a boat as easy as possible.

“For us, the idea of ‘easy boating’ started with the first joystick in 2006, and ever since we’ve endeavored to make boating simpler,” says Stefan Carlsson, head of Volvo Penta’s Marine Diesel segment. “The Joystick Inboard is another step in this process, and brings the benefits of ‘easy boating’ to an even broader range of boats.”