Volvo Penta expands its range of innovative IPS for the marine commercial market

The new Inboard Performance System (IPS) showcases Volvo Penta’s latest innovations in marine engineering. A decade after the division first introduced its ingenious design as an all-in-one complete propulsion system, the new model has been developed and optimized to fit the D8 engines for the commercial market.
Together with a new 8-liter engine launched for the marine commercial market, the latest Volvo Penta IPS package reconfirms Volvo Penta as a pioneer in the marine industry. For customers, this means an even greater choice of high performance vessels in which to use the revolutionary IPS.

“It is all about propulsion efficiency and productivity for the yards, designers and operators. This is a fantastic move for us and our customers,” says Jakob Ursby, strategy manager for Volvo Penta’s Marine Commercial sector. “It means that many more applications will be able to benefit from the advantages of using this system.”

Commercial uses of the Volvo Penta IPS include coastguard patrols and patrol, pilots, passenger transportation and fast work boats.

Since its first inception in 2005, Volvo Penta has continually developed its IPS pods to offer an integrated propulsion package with greater performance, fuel efficiency, maneuverability and comfort than a traditional propulsion system.

From its milestone launch in the marine industry, the system has consistently offered the highest productivity with excellent fuel efficiency, leading to savings in operating costs for customers. The sleek design features forward-facing twin counter-rotating propellers which are mounted beneath the hull. As the propellers operate in undisturbed water, they cause less drag, which improves performance and fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent compared to traditional inboard engines.

Benefits of the Volvo Penta IPS package
The latest system is named IPS15 and fits comprehensively with Volvo Penta’s new D8 engine to provide a complete package that offers world class fuel efficiency, excellent maneuverability and high performance.

Features of the type approved IPS15 package include:
  • Improved materials for heavy-duty commercial use.
  • Reduced ratio of weight and hydrodynamic resistance.
  • Reduced ratio of hull insert size.
  • Optimized backpressure with 6-inch exhaust system.
  • New state-of-the-art propeller series N.
  • Improved maneuverability with increased steering angle at low speed.


Proven success
IPS has been a proven success for the marine commercial market, as its design provides a completely integrated and optimized package from helm to props.

Niklas Melvås, global sales project manager for Volvo Penta’s Marine Commercial division, explains how pilot boat owners have been impressed by the system: “The results we have seen on the pilot boats have been extremely good, with handling being much better than shaft or water-jet engines. The power and maneuverability is very impressive.”

He adds: “When the pilot boat gets close to the arriving ship, Volvo Penta IPS gives the helmsman full control, through its active maneuvering with high thrust in the direction of the pod drive , both forward and reverse. So it’s much easier and safer for the helmsman to position the boat against the ship side and for the pilot to enter the ladder. On top of that, the IPS system is more cost efficient with less fuel burned and less environmental impact.”

All Volvo Penta IPS has been tested extensively in rigs as well as in test boats for many hours at the Volvo Penta Marine test center before launch, which will make sure that the customer will achieve peak performance with their applications. The IPS units are designed for easy replacement of parts for quick service and repair, which is vital to secure maximum uptime in all marine commercial applications.

Individually steerable pods, controlled via the joystick, including docking mode and dynamic positioning, will enhance all-round maneuverability. This makes them highly suited for applications where precision handling and secure berthing are paramount.

The Interceptor Trim enables quick and smooth acceleration to planing level; and the Dynamic Positioning System allows the boat to hold position, even in strong currents or windy conditions.

Gerard Törneman, sales project manager for Volvo Penta’s Marine Commercial division, explains how the Inboard Performance System is an ideal choice for operations such as transit to off-shore wind-farms: “The IPS provides excellent station-keeping where the boat needs to stay still to transfer crew and cargo to the platform. With the joystick docking and an outstanding bollard push, the vessel can be safely maneuvered and positioned against the wind turbine ladder for transfer of personnel and equipment, even in rough weather and high seas.”

Configuration flexibility
Installation of the IPS with 8-liter engines can be made for twin and triple configurations. For triple installations, one pod can also be disengaged and the engine can be used in PTO mode – for example, in powering a water canon on fire rescue boats - while still keeping maneuverability on the other two. The new package has three power settings:

D8 IPS600

D8 IPS650

D8 IPS700

The package has been designed to conform to US EPA Tier 3 emissions. The D8 IPS models will be available for delivery in May 2017.

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