Volvo Penta upgrades components in the Electronic Vessel Control and joystick for heavy-duty use

Enhancement of Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) control lever and joystick offers more durability for marine commercial use. An upgrade in materials used have been made to ensure that customers achieve the best output in their vessels
The casing has been changed to become increasingly durable and more resistant to water, and chemicals such as diesel. Additionally, electronic components that had previously been set internally in the control lever are now housed externally to ensure full compliance with classification rules.

Jonas Welinder, product planner for marine electronics at Volvo Penta, explains the changes: “We have improved the mechanical lifespan of the control lever so that it is more durable and better for commercial boat users.

“Our target now is for the control lever to last for ten times longer.”

The new control lever is suitable for ferries and tugs as well as smaller vessels such as rib boats, pilot launches, police and ambulance boats – vessels which operate in tough environments.

The new lever control is black rather than chrome, to differentiate it from the previous model.

Intelligent control
The control lever and joystick are part of Volvo Penta’s exclusive Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system – a complete and customizable system from helm to prop which links engines with functional controls and software, to make control of the boat easier and safer.

Further changes to the EVC include hardware improvements to the 7-inch display and e-Key panel to fulfil an international Ingress Protection rating of IPx7

Björn Säljö, Vice President of Marine Commercial Product Management at Volvo Penta says: “We’re pleased to continually develop the controls of our marine systems to offer the best functionality and safety for our customers.