The Lyon site celebrates 100 years

Between 1916 and 1917 Marius Berliet built an industrial complex in Lyon spanning the districts of Saint-Priest and Vénissieux. The site consisted of immense buildings, separated by wide avenues, set up in a logical flow to supply assembly lines. It covered an area of almost 400 hectares.
Colourful GLM trucks at the plant in Vénissieux.
Colourful GLM trucks at the plant in Vénissieux.

From 1916, the site supported the assembly of almost 15,000 CBA trucks delivered to the French Army during World War I. In the 1930s, a new wave of construction gave rise to large offices for administrative activities.

After World War II, the site continued to grow. By 1974, the 24,000 trucks manufactured by Berliet made up half the French production and almost 60 per cent of the company’s employees worked at the Lyon site.

Today, the site with its 4,000 employees is a reputed centre of excellence in several technical areas such as engine development and hybrid technology. The centennial anniversary will be celebrated later this year. Congratulations!