Zero accidents – target for Brazil

In an effort to combat the country’s high number of traffic accidents, Volvo do Brasil has launched the Zero Accident vision and continues to work closely with customers to improve road safety.
Anaelse Oliveira
Anaelse Oliveira, responsible for Volvo Traffic Safety Programme

In 2014, 168,376 accidents were registered on Brazilian highways alone – 69,181 of which involved trucks or buses.

For Volvo Brazil, this is far too high, which is why the Volvo Traffic Safety Programme (VTSP) was established.

“Even with vehicles thought to be the safest on the market, we know that they alone cannot avoid all accidents,” says Anaelse Oliveira, responsible for VTSP.

“It is important to engage with other companies and entities from the transportation sector, which will directly benefit from the increase in safety and reduction in accidents.”

By setting the highly ambitious target of zero accidents, Volvo do Brasil has reinforced its position as a leader in safety, and aligned itself with the Volvo Group’s vision. As part of the initiative, four seminars are held each year, bringing together customers, dealers, employees and government representatives, to discuss ways to reduce traffic accidents.

Other initiatives include publication of the Atlas of Accidentality – a reference book that maps all accidents on Brazil’s highways, highlighting the most hazardous stretches as well as the main causes and conditions of accidents. Based on input from customers, Volvo do Brasil is also creating a manual for the implementation of ISO 39001 for road safety management.

“The target is bold and naturally awakens questions about the possibility of achievement,” says Solange Fusco, Corporate Communications Manager, Volvo Group Latin America. “But we see zero accidents as an ideal, an inspiration for the future. If our actions can avoid just one accident and save just one life – this is already an excellent outcome.”

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many actively taking part in seminar discussions and showing an eagerness to work together to reach the zero accident target. XPress Logística, one of many carriers taking part in the Zero Accident seminars, is currently investing in driver training to improve the company’s safety record.

“The target of reaching zero accidents is a dream that everyone is working to make a reality,” says Rogério de Souza, director of XPress Logística. “There is no way to calculate the value of a life.”

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