Volvo honored as Penn State’s Corporate Partner of the year

The Pennsylvania State University honor Volvo Group as its Corporate Partner of the Year. This award recognizes Volvo as a corporation that has demonstrated extraordinary generosity in promotion and support of Penn State and consistency of giving and support to areas of greatest needs, and impact across the University.
Volvo Group receiving the award at Penn State
Karmen Meaks (University relations manager US, Volvo Group), Hope Rush (Director Talent Strategy US, Volvo Group), Monica Ringvik (Director Volvo Group Academic Partner Program), President Barron (President and CEO, Penn State University), Sam McLaughlin (External Research Manager US, Volvo Group), Skip Yeakel (Government and Industry Relations US, Volvo Group), Niklas Gustafsson (Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group).

Niklas Gustafsson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group, believes that close cooperation with the university is really a win-win partnership and the way forward.

”The complex global challenges we are facing requires a close and strong collaboration with academia world-wide, both regarding research and competence supply. Therefor our Academic Partner Program is of such high importance for the Volvo Group. Collaborating with our academic partners we access research environments and excellence; and we interact with students in technology areas of critical importance. We also have a strategic dialog to ensure that the academia has an insight in our plans, strategies and competence need”, he says.

Volvo has been a key university partner of Penn State’s, and is one of its first corporate partners to establish a comprehensive partnership model that drives innovation and creates opportunity. Volvo is unique amongst Penn State’s other corporate partners because of its model that encompasses research, recruitment and philanthropy.

Students from Penn State have been placed at nearby Volvo facilities, where they have provided real solutions to Volvo business challenges while preparing themselves for rewarding careers. Today the company employs nearly two hundred Penn State alumni.

“The comprehensive partnership that Volvo has forged with Penn State will help to keep both organizations on the leading edge of innovation across multiple fields,” said Penn State President, Eric J. Barron “I look forward to seeing this partnership continue to grow in the years to come.”

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