The Volvo Group issues a challenge to INSA and EM Business School (Lyon) students

For the INVOLVE 2016 innovation challenge, organised with its academic partners INSA and the EM Business School, both in Lyon, the Volvo Group is inviting students to think of new services based on the use of connected urban trucks to contribute to the growth of creative, dynamic and sustainable towns and cities.
INVOLVE 2016 innovation challenge

On 12 and 13 October, 10 teams, each made up of 4 students from the two schools will play the role of innovative entrepreneurs putting forward a concept and the development plan that goes with it, designed to reconcile trucks with urban environments and meet the many needs of those who live in them.

On the first day, the students will be plunged into the Volvo Group environment at Saint-Priest, a suburb of Lyon. They will be greeted by experts who will familiarise them with issues and solutions related to urban transport in the future. They will then take part in a creativity evening at the EM Business School in Lyon, where they will meet various players in the urban ecosystem. On the next day, at the Lyon INSA, the competitors, assisted by Volvo Group experts and teachers, will develop their idea and prepare the presentation they will make to a jury the same evening. The winning team of young creators will then be invited to present their project to the Volvo Group’s advanced engineering management in Sweden.

For this third edition of its INVOLVE challenge in France, the Volvo Group has decided to work with the Lyon-based INSA and EM Business School, to build multidisciplinary teams. This will ensure a maximum amount of creativity and consolidate its links with the two schools, which take part in its Academic Partner Programme (APP). The APP is reserved for a selection of higher educational and research institutions working in fields that are in line with the Volvo Group’s development strategy and vision. With partners in Sweden, France, the USA, China, India and Japan, the Volvo Group can efficiently carry out long-term research and innovation programmes.

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