Amer Yachts launches the world’s largest superyacht with Volvo Penta IPS

Italian shipbuilder Amer Yachts is launching a superyacht powered by Volvo Penta’s state-of-the-art Inboard Performance System (IPS). The latest edition to the brand’s series of luxury leisure craft will be the largest superyacht in the world to be powered by Volvo Penta IPS.

The Amer 100 follows the successful launch by Amer Yachts last year of a 94ft boat which was also powered by Volvo Penta’s ingenious propulsion system. As a development from the 2015 boat, which has triple IPS installation, the new superyacht will be installed with Volvo Penta IPS Quad (quadruple drives), providing increased power to the larger, luxurious boat.

“After the success of our 94ft boat last year, which our customers loved, we wanted to create an even bigger and better yacht,” says Barbara Amerio, owner of Amer Yachts. “Using Volvo Penta’s IPS offers great performance and onboard comfort for customers and it has generated a lot of interest for us in the market, internationally. We’re delighted to break the record for making the largest boat in the superyacht sector which uses IPS, and the demand for it has come from customers who have said they want a boat of this size with this system.”

The Amer 100 is available in two models, Sport (for planing) and Long Range (for semi-planing). The 100ft yacht has three decks and is spacious enough to accommodate five en-suite cabins, a living/dining room, study, three crew quarters, a well equipped kitchen and a laundry, and several external areas for sunbathing and relaxation. Interior design can be customized to suit the customer’s preferences, and options include a swimming pool or jacuzzi on deck. The superyacht is designed to appeal to the discerning individual buyer and the charter market – both of which want excellent performance, luxury onboard facilities and high quality finishes.

Amer Yachts is part of the Permare Group and was established in Italy in the 1970s. The company has an international reputation for creating aspirational yachts and has won numerous awards for its technical innovation and design excellence.

“We have found that Volvo Penta IPS is revolutionary in the advantages it brings to the market,” says Amerio. “The maneuverability, quietness of propulsion, possibility to sail at low displacement and good cruising speed are benefits for the clients. For the yacht builder, the excellent fuel consumption, low environmental impact, additional space created in the engine room, and easy installation, are all beneficial qualities.”

Prime performance for prime customers
Volvo Penta IPS was first launched in 2005 and has been continually developed to encompass a greater power range and increased performance.

The forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers have been installed on hundreds of boat models worldwide. With its individually steerable pods under the hull, IPS is superior to stand-alone inboard shafts in handling, onboard comfort and performance. Volvo Penta IPS is available in twin, triple or quadruple installations – making forward-facing efficiency attainable for 30-100ft yachts.

Volvo Penta IPS Quad is available in three models - IPS950, 1050 and 1200 – with power options of 750, 800 and 900hp. Volvo Penta IPS is fully integrated with Volvo Penta’s ground-breaking Electronic Vessel Control (EVC). This connects the boat’s engines, electronics and unique Volvo Penta options, such as the Glass Cockpit system – delivering an integrated experience from prop to helm. These components are at the heart of Volvo Penta’s ‘Easy Boating’ concept which makes leisure boating simple, safe and enjoyable.

Joint vision
“Volvo Penta is visionary,” says Amerio. “We have the same spirit of innovation and collaboration. Both our companies have put our experiences at the other’s disposal for these brilliant joint ventures. We have paved the road to the Volvo Penta IPS system in the superyacht category and we will work together for more exciting projects in the future.”

Nicola Pomi, marine sales manager at Volvo Penta for Italy and Spain, says the relationship between the two companies is cause for celebration.

“The co-operation between Volvo Penta and Amer has produced fantastic results. The Amer Cento is a beautiful boat and is truly a milestone in the world of superyachts,” says Pomi.

He adds: “Designers and yacht builders are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of

Volvo Penta IPS as they know that their customers want luxury, comfort, and smooth, powerful performance in their boats. We look forward to the next chapter in the relationship between Amer Yachts and Volvo Penta.”

Volvo Penta and Amer Yachts are also developing an additional project to be launched in 2017.

Volvo Penta will be Jetee179 at the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 6-11. Amer Yachts will be at Jetee006 and Jetee134.

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