Cantieri Magazzù chooses Volvo Penta engines for its latest luxury RIB

Italian boat-builder Cantieri Magazzù is launching its latest luxury RIB with Volvo Penta engines at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The boatyard has created its MX-14 Classic vessel and commends Volvo Penta’s propulsion system as ‘first class’.

As a designer and manufacturer of handcrafted boats for more than half a century, Cantieri Magazzù has continually sought to create new vessels for a modern market. Now the company, based on the Italian island of Sicily, has created its latest 14-meter luxury rigid inflatable boat (RIB) as a ‘classic’ model to complement the original coupé design. The MX-14 Classic has Volvo Penta engines in three of its configurations. The highest performing model features two Volvo Penta D6-400.

Cantieri Magazzù co-owner, Renato Magazzù, says: “Volvo Penta produces state-of-the-art sterndrive engines. The quality and level of details are first class, and their diesel engines, especially, perform better than their competitors.”

Sophisticated systems
Cantieri Magazzù has been using Volvo Penta engines and propulsion systems across the whole range of its RIBs for a decade. The MX-14 Classic is equipped with Volvo Penta’s pioneering Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) which fully integrates the boat’s engines, electronics and unique options available, such as Glass Cockpit. Boat management and monitoring of all functions is made through the controls and displays.

“Customers are often very keen to know all the engine's parameters,” says Magazzù. “It is fundamental to keep fuel consumption under control via the digital instruments, which also display the information of the analogical gauges. We have adopted the very sophisticated Glass Cockpit that is undoubtedly essential in rendering the boat's top quality touches.”

The MX-14 Classic has a more open architecture at the helm than the coupé model. It has a master cabin with en-suite bathroom, second bed under the access steps, a dining table which can be converted to an additional bed, and two sundecks. Inflatable tubes around the top edge of the hull create extra buoyancy. With a top speed of 45 knots, the vessel is designed to appeal to customers who want sporting capabilities with onboard luxury.

“In the sailing world all this translates into top performance, even in rough seas,” adds Magazzù. “The increased transversal stability makes this craft extremely safe, even on very narrow maneuvers at high speed. This maxi-RIB can perform a decisive, stable turn and the presence of the tubes guarantees a permanently safe hold on the water.

“The MX-14 Classic offers safety and comfort – both while navigating and while docked – and reduced fuel consumption and lower management costs. It also provides the pleasure of steering a fun, sports craft, which despite its size, is as agile and maneuverable as a jet ski.”

Cantieri Magazzù

Volvo Penta power
Volvo Penta’s D6-400 is one of the world’s most powerful sterndrives. The six-cylinder engine produces 400hp from the common rail fuel injection system. The turbocharger, compressor and aftercooler combine to offer exceptional performance with low emissions.

“Luxury RIBs are an important sector within the leisure boat market,” says Nicola Pomi, marine sales manager at Volvo Penta, Italy. “The design of the vessels offers a great mix of performance and comfort. With Volvo Penta engines and Duoprop, Cantieri Magazzù’s MX-14 Classic shows how well this class of boat can maneuver for all types of sports and leisure activities.”

Volvo Penta will be at stand Jetee179 at the Cannes Yachting Festival; Cantieri Magazzù will be at stands QML076 and QML195.

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