This is what trust is all about!

With over 8000 photos uploaded for the third mission “Someone I trust”, the Volvo Group photo contest has been once again a great success. Just like the Volvo Ocean Race, it has inspired participants from all over the world. Our winner is Jiri Novak, from Uhersky Ostroh in Czech Republic. Through his photo, he is telling a story of trust and friendship.
This is what trust is all about!

Jiri is passionate about photography. He recalls: “This is a photo of two old friends. It took it on a sunny day of October when Rozarie, my 3 years old daughter, was running around in my parents’ garden with Tom. Tom is our dog. He cares for Rozarie with serious dog love and she loves him with pure kid’s love, meaning, unfortunately for Tom, pulling tail and ears.

I am really glad that I managed to catch this special moment, while they took a short rest side by side. It means a lot to me to save such memories for Rozarie.

These two friends understand each other so well without saying a single word - this is what I like the most about the picture. Rozarie knows that she can trust him, that Tom will care for her and protect her whenever she needs. Tom can be sure that she will love him more and more every day. To me this is what trust is all about!”