Automated vehicles for safer driving

Automated vehicles can make driving both safer and more efficient. Together with other major players in the automotive industry, the Volvo Group is participating in the research project AdaptIVe.

The project is sponsored by the EU and is the biggest development in vehicle automation in Europe, aiming to develop and test automated functions for both cars and trucks.

“Safety comes first, whatever systems we’re developing – and that includes autonomous vehicles,” explains Martin Sanfridson, Research Engineer and Project Manager within the Volvo Group.

Martin has worked – among other things – on a scenario for motorway slip roads, where Volvo trucks co-operate via vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Sharing sensor information increases the recipient’s perceptual ability. Changing lanes becomes both safer and more efficient when a vehicle is able to choose a gap of a known length from the slip road.

The video shows how a truck operating partially automated driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communication creates a gap in the traffic so that a car is able to enter the motorway from the slip road.