Renault Truck rewards the best eco driver

The fourth edition of the Optifuel Challenge, an eco-driving competition organised by Renault Trucks, is about to begin. In total, more than 2,500 drivers from around the world will compete in their respective countries behind the wheel of the 13-litre Renault Trucks T Optifuel starting in April 2017.
Renault truck

Reducing fuel consumption depends not only on the truck, but the driver as well, as proven by the Renault Trucks Optifuel Challenge. This eco-driving competition has rewarded the best eco-driver in the world every two years since 2012.

After a series of pre-selection trials, the best eco-drivers in each country, the one who consumes the least without sacrificing commercial speed, will face off in the national finals. The best eco-driver from each country will then participate in the Optifuel Challenge international grand finale in October 2017.