Iron Women drives prosperity

In Peru 100 women will join the initiative at the end of the year. To become truck drivers they will have practice, theory and training in simulators. Safety is at the heart of everything we do and as a part of the program the Iron Women also will be trained in driving attitudes to increase safety.
Iron Women drives prosperity

One of the participants in the first group, Ana Caballero, used to work for a public transport company but is now setting out to become a truck driver with her own company: "I was so excited to receive the invitation to Iron Woman and the program has already meant a lot to me. I really want to learn everything I can from Volvo" she says.

Today, very few of Peru's trucks drivers are women. Iron women can not only contribute to increase diversity in the Peruvian transport industry but also increase the number of professional and responsible drivers to recruit for our customers.

 "Our customers will not only have another source for recruiting professional and responsible drivers, they will also achieve improved profitability with less crash repair costs, improved fuel consumption and improved uptime," says Marcus Hörberg, managing director at Volvo Trucks.  

The training program allows students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to drive trucks and obtain a license to drive vehicles of more than 12 tons.

Iron Women is one of 14 projects that’s a part of a Volvo Group Seasonal Gifts program from 2016. The Volvo Group decided to distribute the season’s charitable gift to its markets for use in social projects. The gifts are given on behalf of all Volvo Group employees to be used to contribute to the society's challenges in local markets, serving to create prosperity in the communities where we live and work.