New challenges every day

Johannes Karlsson is a Volvo Penta engineer, dedicated to the Volvo Ocean Race. Step into his shoes and discover what it’s like working at Volvo Group.
Johannes Karlsson

How does Volvo Penta contribute to the Volvo Ocean Race?
As official supplier Volvo Penta is bringing power to the race! We supply the D2-75 engines used for propulsion and auxiliary power in the Volvo Ocean 65 yachts. We also supply the V6-280 gasoline engines that power the race’s rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) in each port. In total we have 29 Volvo Penta engines providing more than 7600 horsepower to the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.

Services is really the part where I come in. An engine installation contains around 40 to 250 parts and requires high technical and application competence to ensure a high performing machine. My job is to provide the overall Volvo Penta related support during the course of the race and at stopovers.

Why is the Volvo Penta engine a good fit for the Volvo Ocean Race boats?
The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the toughest sailing events in the world. When the teams are out in the Southern Ocean, for example, they need the most reliable equipment in order to power vital functions such as satellite communication and water purification. I’ve had several teams tell me that even in the most extreme conditions, the D2-75 engine performs at the highest level.

New challenges every day

In today’s society change is prevalent. In the Volvo Group we embrace change to stay ahead. How do you personally handle change?
I work at the Boatyard where there is a constant change of tempo. If a racing team arrives at the harbour with a need for support, I am already informed and I can get on the job right away. In case something happens during the stopover sailing activities I need to be flexible and give them the immediate technical training and advice they need. I am a spontaneous person, so the unpredictability of my work is a good fit.

How important is teamwork in your job at Volvo Group?
The social dynamics of this race is what makes it so compelling. Not only do the sailors rely on each other offshore, but they also rely on us at the Boatyard. We are a crucial part of every team. And even though some of us don’t know each other from before, the high level of professional service we offer makes us trust each other.