This is our scenario for the future

The world is changing fast. Cities are growing and urban population is rising. The need for transport of people and goods are increasing. But so are congestion, air pollution, road accidents and climate change.
This is our scenario for the future

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We need more mobility but we have to do it in a smarter way. In our scenario vehicles and autonomous trailers are operating within safe and confined areas outside the city. Electric vehicles are charged while goods are loaded. Autonomous connected trailers create safe, modular, flexible vehicle convoys adapting to transportation needs. When driving on public roads a driver leads the connected convoy and dedicated bus lanes should be used if possible. Adjusting to schedule updates, the flexible convoy, switching goods along the way, function as  a mobile consolidation center.

The transport system is enabled through an integrated cloud platform, connecting vehicles, people, infrastructure and logistic partners. In the city the sensors of the autonomous refuse truck detect all movements in the vicinity of the environment and react automatically to any potential incidents, making sure citizens are safe and preventing accidents before they happen.

Bus platooning improves efficiency and capacity in city public transportation. With silent emission free buses we can bring public transport closer to people and even drive inside of buildings. This opens up completely new opportunities for city planning. There is fast and efficient ways of charging from the electric grid at the end terminal in just a few minutes.

How do we build the cities and the infrastructure of tomorrow in a more sustainable way? The future is electric! Zero emission and low noise gives the electric compact excavator access to environmental city zones. Imagine a silent and emission free city. Imagine a cleaner safer and more resource efficient world without compromising our everyday life and health. The future is now and we are ready.