What is the story behind the second winning picture?

When you go to work everyday, what makes you feel you can be yourself? At Volvo Group our differences make us stronger. The more we can be ourselves the more our uniqueness can shine.

Janessa Cazier, from El Paso in Texas (USA) won the second mission of Volvo Group photo contest, which was about “how diversity makes us stronger”.

Janessa is the happy mother of 6 beautiful children and she has a passion for photography. She involves her family in many photo challenges. Janessa recalls: “My daughter had the original idea of shooting this picture on diversity at her school with her classmates. This was a brilliant idea. All these kids from different backgrounds, origins and personalities really got into it. They shared ideas, helped and respected each other, they were very keen to create something together.

This really showed me what diversity brings. I believe that when we can truly be ourselves and bring our unique contribution, then we can achieve great stuff. Meeting these teenagers for the project was actually a rather emotional experience. And the reason why I like this picture so much and am honored to win this challenge”.

“I really enjoy taking part into the different missions of the Volvo Group photo contest. I did not know about the Volvo Ocean Race before and I find this competition absolutely amazing. As my son told me when watching videos on the web: “Mom this is just awesome”.