With joint hands, we make the world a better place

Volvo Group reinforces its commitment in sustainability by taking a leading partner role in Drive Sustainability - a network facilitated by CSR Europe consisting of 10 of the biggest automakers in the world. The partnership aims to drive sustainability throughout the automotive supply chain by promoting a common approach within the industry and by integrating sustainability in the overall procurement process.
Eva Bennis, Director Sustainability at Volvo Group's purchasing organization, fourth from right, represents Volvo Group at a panel discussion at the event in Brussels.)

“Drive Sustainability is our common wish to do business in a sustainable way, taking our responsibility as a global citizen. Yes we are in a highly competitive industry, but in the end, all of us want to make the world a better place.” says Andrea Fuder, Chief Purchasing Officer of Volvo Group.

The cooperation among the automotive members to improve sustainability issues started already in 2007 on an informal basis and has so far shown desired results. The network has developed a Self- Assessment Questionnaire, a compliance tool used by companies today to conduct due diligence in their supply chains; an integrated capacity building program to help suppliers understand what sustainability is and how to overcome specific challenges; and several local guidance projects especially to the suppliers in countries where the relevant law enforcement and education are weak.

On Wednesday 29 November 2017, Volvo Group and all members in the Drive Sustainability network gathered in Brussels to review a new initiative of setting up a Raw Materials Observatory.

According to the EU’s Raw Materials Scoreboard 2016, which gives an overview of the challenges related to raw materials, there is a rising global demand for raw materials due to their increasing use in products for renewable energy production. The Observatory will therefore identify and address sustainability issues in the sourcing of raw material, representing the next step in the network’s global commitment to ensure business ethics, respect to the environment and human rights, and decent working conditions within the supply chain.

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