She chooses Renault to one hundred percent

Together with her husband, Huguette Durand has built a distrubtion company on a passion for vehicles and driving. One hundred per cent of the fleet is made up of Renault Trucks.
Huguette Durand

Huguette Durand caught the trucking bug when she started driving trucks as a 22-year-old.

“A chance internship pushed me into the world of trucks,” she says. “And then, I never left.”

She started a transport company together with her sister, which some years later merged  with her husband’s. Today the company, Transports Durand-Lemi, has 14 drivers, including the owners’ eldest daughter. They primarily carry non-hazardous chemicals.

“At Durand-Lemi, we are truck drivers first and foremost.  When we buy a truck, we buy for comfort and safety and the prestige to make our customers proud.  The purchase is also a question of environmental performance,” says Huguette Durand.

For her, this translates into buying only from Renault Trucks.

“My husband, Christian, is a big fan of the brand,” says Huguette Durand, who actually first started driving Mercedes  but converted after trying a Renault  Magnum.

“With their elevated cabins, they were tricky to manoeuvre, but they were also so much more  spacious and comfortable for the driver.”

Today, Transports Durand-Lemi owns 15 vehicles, the last of which is a deep-black T Range enhanced with a vermillion red trim. The truck was a birthday surprise from her husband, Christian, which was unveiled  at the inauguration of the Renault  Trucks workshop  in Saint-Egrève last November.

Celebrating birthdays together is a clear sign of a special relationship and Huguette Durand describes the dealership  as a “very trusted  partner”. But she has also been happily surprised by Renault Trucks’ service network on occasions when trucks break down far from home.  Service has always been provided in a very responsive and personalised  manner. Knowing this makes it easy to relax and enjoy the driving, which Huguette Durand has now resumed in her new truck.

“It is such a pleasure to be behind the wheel again, so now I drive between Lyon and Hanover every week – it’s a real joy.”

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