Food distribution in Angola and France

Learn more about, and get inspired by, the variety of projects that engage colleagues around the world to drive prosperity. The French association “Restos du Coeur” and the “Shoprite Mobile Soup Kictchen” in Angola are first out in this series which presents the 2017 seasonal gift.
Food distribution in Angola and France

"Restos du Coeur" – France

The well recognized French association provides a wide range of activities in favor of the socio-economic integration of people in need, including food distribution, professional reintegration, and academic support. Among other activities, the organization distributed 135.8 million meals across France last winter.

The Volvo Group will donate three Renault Trucks, each with one-year aftersales contracts, to "Restos du Coeur" and Volvo Group employees from all French sites will be encouraged to volunteer for the association, according to specific local needs (truck drivers, accounting, HR skills, food distribution etc.).

Patrice Blanc president of "Restos du Coeur": "We have 2085 food distribution centers across the country and trucks are essential tools in our logistic chain. We are very grateful for this much needed support from the Volvo Group and its employees. Undoubtedly, this new collaboration will reinforce and sustain our relationship."

Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen - Angola 

In Angola, in southern Africa, UD Trucks have donated a truck to the food retailer Shoprite's community program "Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen". The Shoprite feeding program aims to distribute meals to the poorest communities focusing on children and senior citizens, as well as thousands of families affected by job losses. 

The project is made possible through long term partnership with UD Trucks amongst other vehicle providers. The new soup kitchen will be up and running by June this year and aims to serve 500 meals per day to start with. Watch this video to learn more about the Shoprite program.

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