The Mack Anthem® Debuts in Canada at Truck World 2018

The Mack Anthem® model, the longtime American truck maker’s newest highway truck designed with the driver and customer ROI in mind, has taken center stage at Truck World 2018, April 19–21 in Toronto. Show attendees can see up close and personal the Anthem model’s aerodynamic and comfortable cab and sleeper environment, designed and engineered with the input of thousands of drivers.
The Mack Anthem® Debuts in Canada at Truck World 2018

“Every detail on the Anthem was designed with purpose, from the aerodynamic exterior to the spacious cab and sleeper,” said Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Mack Trucks North America. “The result is the uncompromised durability and reliability expected of a Mack, coupled with a bold new look that screams “Built like a Mack® truck” as it rolls down the highway. You see the Anthem, and there’s no doubt it’s a Mack.”

In addition to achieving a muscular, brash look, Mack engineers designed the Anthem’s all-new exterior to optimize aerodynamics. The new hood, roof, chassis fairings, mirror covers, front bumper and air dam readily cut through the air, improving fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent compared with the Mack Pinnacle axle back model.

Mack designers also created a comfortable interior, adding a new 70-inch sleeper with full stand-up height that allows even drivers well over 6 feet tall to walk from the cab into the living environment without having to duck. This new Mack 70-inch Stand Up sleeper can be equipped with a single or double bunk. Interior volume is 35 percent larger than previous models for increased comfort, and the new back wall and side cabinets provide an unmatched 27 cubic feet of storage.

In addition to the 70-inch Stand Up Sleeper, the Mack Anthem model is also available in a Day Cab as well as an all-new 48-inch Flat Top Sleeper. The Day Cab and the Stand Up sleeper are on display in Mack booth No. 1005 in the International Centre.

The Anthem is supported by Mack Connect, a comprehensive suite of productivity and uptime solutions, including the fully integrated Mack GuardDog® Connect telematics platform. GuardDog Connect continuously monitors trucks for potential issues and alerts Mack’s OneCall uptime agents at Mack’s 24/7 Uptime Center located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Agents use Mack ASIST, Mack’s web-based service management system, to schedule repairs and confirm that needed parts are in dealer stock and ready to install, all while a truck is still on the road.

GuardDog Connect also enables Mack Over The Air to deliver remote software updates for powertrain components and vehicle parameters directly to Mack trucks equipped with Mack GHG 2017 or newer engines. Mack OneCall agents work with customers to schedule the updates based on what’s best for their operations, minimizing downtime.

A Mack® Granite® axle back model is also on display in the Mack booth. The Granite model, equipped with a stone slinger body, features the recently introduced driver-centric interior with a new gauge cluster and dash layout to improve visibility and readability and an industry-first racecar-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel for easier ingress and egress. The model on display is equipped with the Mack MP8 engine and the Mack mDRIVE HD 13-speed automated manual transmission with low creeper gears.

Also featured on both the Granite and the Anthem is the Mack ClearTech One single-unit exhaust aftertreatment system (EATS). ClearTech One is 15 pounds lighter than a two-box EATS and provides increased space on the frame rail for chassis-mounted equipment, increasing customer flexibility.