What makes your heart beat?

“Whatever your goal is, small or big, the feeling when you reach it is wonderful”. This type of mindset is what pushes Anne to climb mountains and rise up to challenges. She is the winner of our photo contest on passion.
Anne Grethes – Winner of mission 6
Anne Grethes – Winner of mission 6

Nurturing passions on life
“Together with my husband we developed passions for nature and hiking and a true love for challenges. We always challenged ourselves: long walk, sleepover in tent, fishing … Once we even bought a sailboat and tried to become sailors. When I learned about the Volvo Ocean Race I thought that could have been something we would have dreamed to be part of.

I lost my husband last year and now I nurture our passions by chasing big tops and great views, doing the things we learned to love together.” shares Anne Grethes from Telemark in Norway, winner of the Volvo Group photo contest “What makes your heart beat?”

Catching the joy to win on camera
My husband taught me photography. Since then it has become a real passion, always carrying my camera around wherever I am going. I took this picture when I was hiking on a small top called Melakollen. I used a remote switch for the photo, so it is some kind of a selfie: me and taken by me!

This is a special moment to me: the joy to win and to reach your goals. Whatever your goal is, small or big, like doing the Volvo Ocean Race or something else … the feeling you get when you reach it is wonderful. And this is what really makes my heart beat!”