Encouraged to grow

Meet Lilian “Volvo Group gives me the opportunity to live meaningful experiences. I can grow in my career and I can also fulfill my passion to volunteer and help others.” Lilian Li, Business Controller, was at the Volvo Ocean Race in Guangzhou.
Lilian Li, Business Controller GTA&JV
Lilian Li, Business Controller GTA&JV

Lillian Li loves to volunteer. She joined the Volvo Group in 2012 at the Beijing office and since then has been actively involved with the company corporate social responsibility projects. We caught up with her at the Volvo Ocean Race in Guangzhou where she was taking care of kids from Hope Schools, a project supported by Volvo.

What do you like about the Volvo Group?
I really appreciate transparency at Volvo Group: we engage in open dialogue and we are encouraged to express our opinions. We can also take part in many training opportunities that facilitate personal and team growth. The Volvo Group is a place where I am supported in my own career and where I can help others. Most importantly, we respect each other. I am really proud to work here.

Encouraged to grow

Why are you involved with corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
I have taken part in several volunteer programs at the Volvo Group. Last year we went to Hope Schools in two rural provinces that had extremely cold weather. The company supported these primary schools for the past five years through infrastructure development and offering arts and sports classes to the children. That time we took gifts like winter jackets, bags and books.

This experience made a huge impact on me. I saw happiness in the children’s eyes and I could also see their thirst for knowledge and education. We were making a real difference.

How was your experience at the Volvo Ocean Race?
I loved showing the kids around the Race Village. For many of them, it was the first time they saw the ocean!

I also learned how Volvo is taking care of the environment, for instance, no plastic bottles are allowed in the Race Village. This sets a wonderful example for the children; one I hope they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.